The London meet…the cheap hotel.

Ever wonder what a £30 a night hotel costs in the heart of london? Well worry no more.
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  1. MrValkeyreion says:

    I want to say this is a Travel lodge, it has the look of one as I stayed in
    one in Manchester a month or two back

  2. 2012Gojira says:

    Wow, and I thought I’ve seen some crappy hotels here in the USA….but
    you’rs gives a whole new meaning to “crap-tacular” LOL

  3. SK8RBOYK says:

    where in London is this crappy hotel?

  4. skysam freeman says:

    Talk about quality issues. XD!

  5. eddied3 says:

    As a hotel management major this makes me laugh

  6. HOBBYHERO says:

    bring an ultra violet light with you next time =D

  7. LiamTheGreat says:

    if you don’t wake up and see blood splattered seamen under the door. You’re
    in one of the better hotels in London, for the price paid

  8. UltraPrimal says:

    What do you do with your toilet paper that it needs to stand up to a lot of
    pressure? Are you going to make a rope out of it just in case you have to
    escape out of the window when the elevator breaks and the stairs crumble?

  9. Timey2Wimey says:


  10. Ravage1979 says:

    The brown stuff is rust/dust and dead bugs lol. I wish i could have seen
    this room in person! What room number was it, im gonna see it!

  11. EvilgidgitReturns says:

    Wow, what a rubbish hotel.

  12. hotdaddyhuggy says:

    I now think it costs £30 per night. 😉

  13. ChilliwackimusPrime . says:

    The things you do for the love of the MB2 meet up 😀 Its good to know that
    the MB2 members are that devoted to the cause Dave. lol. still it did the
    job right.

  14. fujisakimari says:


  15. TheFreelancer2236 says:

    Cheap hotels really do have a certain… charm to them don’t they? lol That
    place is pretty bad but I’ve stayed in worse. Question is, will you stay
    there next time to save some money?

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