The Jonathan Budd Scam Revealed Is Jonathan Budd a scam? Most certainly not, as his teachings have benefited literally thousands of distributors all over the world. Jonathan Budd is a guru of online marketing, however there are some advantages and disadvantages to working with him, as you’ll discover in this review.
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13 Replies to “The Jonathan Budd Scam Revealed”

  1. Excellent video thank you for sharing your insight. Have you checked out The Instant Downline yet? We have just launched and our site is the only automated forced matrix recruiting system for the North American Power business opportunity. I would really love your input check out the site by visiting our channel. Thanks!

  2. @cojobo34 Maybe. but still what would you hope to suggest? I mean if everybody wanna live equally it deffiontly will not happen on this planet… its not that im a terrable person that seeks to step over others to get “rich”, but i think many poor or average people tend to say rich people are bad and selfish, well they might be selfish but its not like they intend to get rich on your back’, they simply do what others dont do… and yes some of them step on others but some dont

  3. @muzimuzi the ASSumptions from your ego are incorrect. and your insults are forgiven by me, i only hope u r able to forgive yourself for your spite when the time comes to face yourself. MLM, and all other business ventures are only successful for the ones who are the greediest, its really that simple.if u can consume yourself with self-interest so u may indulge in all of your addictions and blissfully ignorant desires, you will gain money and thus be “above” others here, and “below” when u pass

  4. @wilo1st you mistaken honesty for hate, as truth is pain, and honesty is brutal only bc so many are addicted to self-interest and preserving the ego program bc it is comfortable and easy to ignore the suffering of this world. i dont hate anyone, i am one with all life, so i consider all other life forms in equality to mySelf. true hate is ignoring and spiting others for the sake of one’s own self-interest, as that results in starvation, violence, rape, etc.

  5. @cojobo34 I bet you say that just because you tried somthing simular and failed.

    on top of that YOU are the ignorant because you dont know that MLM ACTUALLY CAN give the AVERAGE person a chance to actually make a lot of money and have a better lifestyle… sure it dont work for most but Hell many ppl gotten rich from being in MLM

  6. jonathon budd is the definition of self-interest, greed, and therfore ignorantly blissful.. if this is who or what you want to be as well, follow him, imitate him, and join in the ignorance which has caused this fucked world to allow for BILLIONS of YOUR brothers and sisters and the earth itself to suffer until reaching a slow painful death.. have a great day;)

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