The Importance of Generating Traffic Thoughtfully

The Importance of Generating Traffic Thoughtfully

Article by Helene Thituson

You’ve heard it many times before: no matter how good your site is, no matter how well your product sells, if you can’t generate traffic, your Internet-based business simply will never make it. You might have a profitable month here and there, but at the end of the day, you won’t take home enough to pay the mortgage and buy the things you and your family need.

So what can you do about this? You can go off and frantically begin generating traffic through any means possible, including PPC advertising, article marketing, organic search engine optimization, and other common strategies. But I suggest that you don’t. Rather, I accept a more refined, gradual approach, which takes into the account the features of your business; and truly understands the importance of traffic thoughtfully.

Now, you might wonder, what does it mean to generate traffic thoughtfully? Specifically, it means not to fire up 15 poorly worded AdWords campaigns, loading them up with big budgets, paying no attention to individual keyword CPCs, and then seeing how things pan out. It also doesn’t mean giving up with then first AdWords campaign flops.

In short, generating traffic thoughtfully means realizing that not all traffic is equal. Some traffic is highly targeted for your site. This traffic will be receptive to your pitches; and may buy with little or no follow-up process. To the contrary, untargeted traffic may hit the ‘back’ button on their browser immediately.

Generating traffic thoughtfully also means understanding that targeting and generating the traffic isn’t the hardest part. Rather, having a system in place that greets, warms-up, and pitches to the received traffic is absolutely essential. And, without this critical piece in your system, you might as well be generating that traffic for a site you do not own.

To summarize-anyone can generate traffic. But you don’t want to just generate traffic; you want to generate it thoughtfully. Your goal should be to not only target your streams of traffic carefully (so that it is matched to your site’s content), but also to have a system in place to receive, warm-up, and pitch to that traffic once it has landed on your page.Helene Thitusonhttp://www.helenethituson.com

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