The Importance of Developing Your Downline

The Importance of Developing Your Downline

Article by Terez Dunn

What is a downline, you ask? A downline is made up of people who you have referred to your business. These are people who have taken your referral and joined the business themselves using your unique referral ID or link provided to them by you. Developing your downline is important in regards to networking, earning more money for yourself and keeping your business going. Downlines can consist of just the people whom you refer and sign up, or it can consist of levels. In other words, if you’re company tells you your downline consists of three levels, those levels include the people you referred (first level), the people they referred (second level). People referred by second level referrals who will make up the third level.

Developing your downline means doing some work on your end. You have to be determined to make your business work for you. Don’t be afraid to advertise yourself and the company you’re working for or with. This may mean investing money into pop up or pop under advertising. There are also banner ads you can purchase online. In addition there are many offline ways to advertise. All these different ideas help with developing your downline. Remember, there are tons of people looking for work that can get them extra or substantial income, and you may just have what they’re looking for. Advertise to friends and family first and ask them to, in turn, advertise for you. Word of mouth can be extremely useful, as information tends to travel fast in this fashion.

Developing your downline means more money for you. Downlines are usually a way for you to earn more commission than what you are earning on your own. For example, you may be earning 30% commission on all sales done through your unique link. But, through the first level downline you could earn 15-20% commission off of what that person sells, 10% from your second level person and so on and so forth. Where developing your downline can become extremely beneficial to you financially is when you have not just one, but many downlines. Instead of just three people in your downline you could have 3 different downlines with three different people in each one. That’s a total of nine people you earn money from. As you can gather, developing your downline can be very lucrative for you in the end.

Lets say you develop a great downline, maybe even several. You’re earning great commission, and your site is doing well with sales also. The great thing about a downline is that if someone is doing well, but for one reason or another decides to quit, you can ask them to send their customers to you or another person in your downline. By doing this you lose no money or business despite having lost someone in your downline. As you can see, developing your downline is an important part of networking, profiting, and keeping your business running. So take some time, and focus a bit on referring people to join what you have been so successful at.

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