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  1. TrainahBanana says:

    Cars cars cars cars cars cars cars <3<3<3<3

  2. paramore1011000 says:

    When you said you have a guilty pleasure of Scary Movies…I instantly subscribed! 🙂

  3. emysue1992 says:

    dude watch supernatural……..you would love it…….its a horror television show

  4. SevereDoosh101 says:

    why no ask sawyer sunday! ?

  5. Abbeybyer1 says:

    I love how he starts out alot of his videos with if you don’t know who I am ummm everyone should know who you are<33

  6. kiwijuice22 says:

    do a shoes collection!

  7. Sierra G.G says:

    when you said cars I LOVE CARS so I was like umm I have a boyfriend haha 

  8. MrsCaptianzixx says:

    Wooo minecraft!!! <3

  9. XxbestdamngurlxX says:

    My guilty pleasure is watching your videos! <3

  10. DarkestAngelofFire says:

    Wow. The only guilty pleasures we don’t have the same are cars and taking mirror pics 😛 But I can deal with cars and how cool/pretty they look, as long as you don’t start speaking car to me! haha it’ll just go right over my head.

  11. theC4R4 says:

    so many lol! and it truly is addictive. i was so upset when i realised that i had watched all the episode 😛

  12. Brittlovesyouu2 says:

    I dont know if its just the lighting but lately you look slightly less hot.

  13. evannorris93 says:

    It’s good to no I’m not the only guy wearing TOMS..

  14. LCsHalf says:

    but it’s a record anyways, it’s a lot of episodes haha
    it’s addicting, I understand 😀

  15. Mileyfan36100 says:

    I thought hitch would be one

  16. xSpecialReplay says:


  17. misskimberly97 says:

    Omfg was he serious about the shoes? I have 2 pairs of sneakers, 1 pair if heels, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pairs of flip-flops, and an old pair of boots. 6 pairs in total and I am a girl!

  18. crumpbn7969 says:


  19. sextoyboylefoi says:

    i loved the grudge too

  20. BrittanyJaggers says:

    You should do a video on your favorite cars whether you had them or they are your dream cars!

  21. Kate maybeonfire says:

    Thats it, you and I are getting married Sawyer. We will grow old together fixing up old cars and watching tv show marathons.

  22. llovemakeup0 says:

    I love cars lol

  23. SMDOriginals says:

    i’m p sure you’re a male version of me but more attractive.

  24. Amanda Mccutcheon says:

    I love cars

  25. emmorris93 says:

    shoe fetish! :p

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