The Gospel According To Jones – Eric Lee Beddingfield (feat. George Jones)

“The Gospel According To Jones” Eric Lee Beddingfield (featuring George Jones) Written by Eric Lee Beddingfield, Randy Barber and Adam Fears Directed by Ryan Lassan & Daniel Slezinger Produced by Autumn Addict Purchase Album or song in Itunes: tinyurl.com Check out www.elbrocks.com Video Review tiny.cc
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Nancy Crews says:

    Both KLUNKET and Gregory Moore is right I have played this over a 100 times myself. This is a real Country. God Bless George Jones heard he is not doing well at all .Since I was a little girl i have been listing to Country music and have always love George Jones in other word I have been listing to him for 39 years now . I am so glad that Eric Lee Beddingflied made this song about George Jones. Wish I could hear this one on the radio too. But I do get to see it on GAC .

  2. TheMike840 says:

    love hes is a new outlaw like jamey johnson bad ass tune!!!!!

  3. mylikeaboss says:

    am i the only one that gets chills when i listin to this song

  4. creekndn4u says:

    Great song

  5. tmas221 says:

    they opened to this alomost three weeks ago when i saw him it was a great opener

  6. Deidra Goldsmith says:

    this song gives me goosies everytime i hear it

  7. bigbrewer07 says:

    I went and saw George Jones lastnight in Arlington, Tx and they played this video to get the show going and it was and awesome show to say the least. I am 23 and getting to see him twice has been one of the coolest things i have done.

  8. ShannMcDiva says:

    love me some george jones

  9. ShannMcDiva says:

    lol george did look a lot like Jim Carrey I agree

  10. Kimberliss42 says:

    Jim Carrey… 🙂

  11. pikindboogies says:

    WOW!!! Had to watch this at least three times before I saw it all through the tears. Still gives me chills. Absolutely magnificent. Anybody who “dislikes” this video knows NOTHING about country music. This is the real stuff. The Opry is dead but country lives on, and on in singers and songs like this. Thank you!!! And God bless the Possum!!

  12. 50cluv says:

    I get the same feeling everytime i watch this video. This is what country music should be & the stuff we got these days is a disgrace to George, Hank,Merle, & Conway! Eric gets all my respect for telling everbody to keep it real country!!!!!

  13. Cori Mead says:

    love the video, great way to pay tribute to the greatest country music singer ever

  14. Kimberliss42 says:

    They need to make a movie about George, starring Jim Carrey… He looks just like him.. Amazing….

  15. Dillon Lee says:

    i went and seen ol George in concert in Durham, North Carolina 2 nights ago and this was played right before he walked on stage… gotta respect a man thats been playing music all his life and still to this day is taking tours. i gotta say i love George Jones

  16. 9thRecordings says:

    Great song about a greater man! With all the crap out today that they call “Country Music” it’s nice to hear a good country song! Good job Eric!

  17. MegaTwilightgirlz says:

    same here!

  18. TheSharkSwarm says:

    We saw George Jones live in Pigeon Forge last month and this was the opening to the concert.

  19. MegaTwilightgirlz says:

    I saw George in concert last Saturday. He is such an Amazing guy! Best Country singer out there with Johnny and Waylon. Love them all.

  20. tommylovessam0206 says:

    i like this song im a big fan of anything of King George

  21. tim14848 says:

    bro get real its a song go preach somewhere els and let us have our fun 

  22. janicki2012 says:

    This song is beyond the best! I LOVE GEORGE JONES!

  23. madd871 says:


  24. KLUNKET says:

    Why are you comparing Christ and George Jones? This isn’t the place for a revival meeting. This song isn’t telling anyone to pray to George Jones, or saying that you should choose Jones over Christ. Your relationship or lack of with the Lord is your own business and nobody wants to hear about it. This song is just paying some respect to a man who has charted more songs than any other performer.You completely misunderstand the message here- & it’s comments like these that turn folks away from God

  25. dannog says:

    You obviously either didn’t listen to the song, or your sub-par intellect allowed you to completely miss the point of the song. The message of the song is very similar your own, but obviously nuance and subtext escape you. Maybe think or actually watch the videos before you post something so moronic again…

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