The Godsquad (An MLG Dream Team) – Mainstage Montage: Columbus 2011 Edition

And you guys thought I wasn’t going to pull through on this. ­čśë Well, here it finally is! The Godsquad Mainstage Montage (Columbus 2011 Edition). Sorry it took so long to finally get finished! Links: Roy www.twitter.com www.facebook.com Lunchbox www.twitter.com www.facebook.com Pistola www.twitter.com www.facebook.com Ogre 2 www.twitter.com www.facebook.com Towey www.twitter.com www.facebook.com MrGlobalHD www.youtube.com www.twitter.com Kanon www.youtube.com www.twitter.com

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  1. SeamlessForge says:

    I want to host´╗┐ 2v2 tournaments. 2v2>4v4

  2. iiMrSquashy says:

    True, but you have to admit it made the game random at´╗┐ times.

    Rendering it un-competitive at times.

  3. Darkside780 says:

    That’s your opinion. Which isn’t fact. ´╗┐

  4. iiMrSquashy says:

    I can destroy this argument´╗┐ with two words and 12 letters.

    R-E-T-I-C-L-E B-L-O-O-M.

  5. xpainxq8 says:

    Michael saunders…´╗┐ U have no idead wat ur talking about LOL ­čÖé

  6. Mitchell Brown says:


  7. Mitchell Brown says:


  8. Mitchell Brown says:

    ERMAAADUUURRRRR HE CUHRRUCTERD MUH GRUHMMURRRRRR HEEEE WIINNSSSSSS.´╗┐ Also… In what fucking world would a cod game with REAL physics make any sense. YOU LOSE.

  9. Darkside780 says:

    It’s´╗┐ “bandwagon” not “bandwaggon”. My hate for CoD isn’t hopping on a bandwagon of any sort. The same is the same every year. It also has no physics at all.

  10. xXStrAKA says:

    The amount of skill with´╗┐ them is unreal :O

  11. Mitchell Brown says:

  12. MrMunkieMan says:

    them smoke effects in the video´╗┐ were beautiful

  13. Jouris100 says:

    I do lol i´╗┐ have a life

  14. scipio4052 says:

    I bet you none of those guys´╗┐ have girlfriends…

  15. Jouris100 says:

    IF´╗┐ I could ever make a team i would want Snip3down,ninja,Ogre 2,Naded and maybe take one of them and put another but i think that would be a great team

  16. SteveGaming says:

    What so I am not allowed my opinion that Halo Reach sucks huge meaty cock and in my book isn’t even a halo´╗┐ game?

  17. Racamonkey says:

    you “has” lost this argument. NICE. Oh and´╗┐ btw you can’t just say the other person lost an argument, that’s not how it works you dumb shit. I’m done with you, you are literally too stupid to reason with. Goodbye.

  18. Darkside780 says:

    You’re a loser online talking shit and getting mad at´╗┐ random people. You has lost this “argument”. If you see it as such.

  19. Racamonkey says:

    I know its not´╗┐ part of the same sentence you fucking idiot, its your ideas that are conflicting. Wow how stupid are you, you dumb fuck

  20. Darkside780 says:

    I moved on from that point in my sentence. Learn how to use´╗┐ proper grammar, punctuation, and learn how to fucking read. Dumb fuck,

  21. Racamonkey says:

    you said that reach doesn’t feel like´╗┐ halo, but then you said halo is halo. I don’t need to argue your points, you did that yourself you stupid shit.

  22. Darkside780 says:

    How did it´╗┐ push the 360? Crysis 2 is on the 360…

  23. Darkside780 says:

    I made points that are unarguable. Why´╗┐ don’t you go suck a dick?

  24. Racamonkey says:

    i decided for myself that halo reach sucks a long time ago, so why don’t you´╗┐ shut the fuck up and stop putting words in peoples mouths

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