The first Stoma appliance Design of 2011

Method of use: This appliance uses a magnetic implant technology in order to provide a ” pushing force ” from within to the outside for keeping the site intact while the second part is placed on the stoma site. An elastic tube inserted into the intestine to redirect waste material and gas to the back of a valve while the end of the intestine is placed in a modified recess and sealed with a balloon to provide a concealed environment suitable for this organ. There is nil adhesive used, and, there is no direct contact between the skin and the appliance. A cotton gauze is used between the skin and the appliance to keep the site separated and to provide air circulation to the surrounding skin. This technique keeps the site free from any kind of allergic reaction and infection. The appliance is secured by a belt while it is on “low magnetic attraction”, and it can be used without the belt while it is on “high magnetic attraction” mode. This technique allows the user to follow activities such as running, swimming, intimate time and so on, with full confidence on prevention of any accidental embarrassment through this design. To prevent late skin necrosis which is the result of prolong use of high magnetic attraction over the months and years, the appliance is designed to be air cushioned to the body using an innovative technique. The valve provides continence and its cap is designed to release the gas collected behind the valve. A push to a button located on the cap, inserts a

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