The Essence Of Online Social Networking

The Essence Of Online Social Networking

Article by Vinuth Mahipal

The internet has always been a social medium- a platform that brings the whole world together. However, the interactions in the chat rooms have now spread to Facebook discussion groups. The idea remains the same- a place for like-minded people to meet and connect and stay in touch even through the busiest days of their lives.

Social networking sites work on the one essential trait of humans as a species- they are social, they are intelligent. They want to learn and share information. They want to meet new people similar to themselves and talk about common interests. A social networking site is a platform that enables all these activities and more. Going online, signing up with Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn and meeting people one already knows or making new “friends” is what is termed as social networking. Majority of people around the world have latched on to the social bandwagon and quite a few of them have professed to be addicted to the network.

Why do people get used to using a social network? The main reason is that it is the fastest, most effective and yet the most affordable route to meet with people and friends from around the world. Moreover, it saves time by the eons. You don’t have to match schedules to meet with people, whenever you get time, you need to simply sign in and do your bit of networking. Most of your acquaintances are more than likely to be online themselves. A social network is also the most dependable means of keeping in touch. How? Well you can lose a phone book, your mobile contacts may be lost, people may change addresses, but your friends will always be there on the social network!

What makes a social network so much fun? Meeting like-minded people of course! On a social platform, there are millions of other users and among these there are thousands that share the same interests as you do. Feel like discussing the Star Wars’ best episode? Go on to the Facebook fan page (or any other social network) and come across people who are as passionate about an issue as you are. Imagine the fun and satisfaction you will feel by sharing your thoughts with someone who is as informed as you are. Or maybe debating with someone on the latest Stephanie Meyer novel who thinks her earlier works were better. These activities can be an excellent way to share as well as learn new things and information, leading to your own knowledge being buffered. You get to chat with similar people, engage in a conversation, exchange ideas with them and a friendship formed online can always be strengthened by meeting in real life.

Want to reconnect with the old buddies? A social networking site is your answer. Finding long lost friends was never so easy. You don’t have to wait for the 10th or the 15th High School Reunion to meet up with friends that you lost along the way. Look for them on a social network, as they have advanced search options that allow you to refine your search to lead to the person you are looking for. Send them a “friend request” and voila! You old buddies are friends again! You can look for and connect with people who have left the city, state or even the country. Connecting was never this easier!

A social network also serves as a platform to broadcast your views. Share your concern about issues, events and happenings. Your view can make a difference as social networks are closely monitored by decision makers, simply because of their huge following. There are many ways when the question is – how to make a social network work for you. Networking and connecting aside, these platforms are a great source of entertainment too, with the various games and other activities they offer. So, what are you waiting for? It is time you went social.

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