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bit.ly The Elevation Group by mike dillard has an International Network Group “The Elevation Group Pro” that leads the field in priviledged information from leaders and ‘THE’ super-rich at the top of their game. Wealth Cycles Create Opportunity — And we are in one NOW! As mike dillard Explains: “We’re living through the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. It will cause unprecedented destruction for most, and unprecedented opportunity for a few.”The only factor that will determine which group you’re in, is knowledge… Do you know what’s happening, and do you know how to turn it into opportunity? That question still stands today, and there is still time to create your strategy. The Elevation Group was created in order to provide you with the education, contacts, and resources you need to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Joining “The Elevation Group Pro” will position you at the forefront of financial information and set you up to dominate search engine optimization in any industry, as we share our secrets and strategies to get to the top. So congratulations (if you have joined)… You’re no longer a sheep headed for shear. You’re officially in the game. If you haven’t joined then you should. If you need more information your in the right price. *** Our group is the network within the network. We live and breathe this information. We are on the path to true wealth. We offer incentives and help. Our goal is to be the biggest global

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  1. VideoSeoServices says:

    The Elevation Group by Mike Dillard is a must for all looking to understand the monetary system, what’s coming and how to gain and protect your wealth. Great job Tripp.

  2. DrivingExperienceDay says:

    We all have a duty to understand and share this information Kudos to you Tripp and Mike Dillard

  3. SamsungFridgeFreezer says:

    hey this is great advice guys…. I have to agree with another comment I saw… everything else is a distraction, this information is critical knowledge that yes Tripp, should have been tought in high school. Kudos to Mike Dillard and The Elevation Group

  4. MrDariusRock says:

    good video and I just wanted to share this funny video with you

  5. TheElevationGroupPro says:

    asd. Sorry about the audio. I dont think is THAT bad but we are working to make things cleaner.

  6. asdfgoogle says:

    Fix your audio….. wow

  7. djczer says:

    Great video. We’re not too far from each other. I’m in Temecula where Katey Frieling is from. Are you planning on doing any local stuff?

  8. curtmaly says:

    Just wanted to comment on your video, I REALLY liked it and I wish you great success with this video!

  9. Canisius19 says:

    Respond to this video…and Vox Day doesn’t know anymore about what will happen in future than you or I do. He is just another fear merchant

  10. Canisius19 says:

    Respond to this video…Furthermore, groups like National Inflation Assoc, is turning out to be another scam, why are they pushing mining stocks and why in the name of heaven is Jonathan Lebed associated with these guys. This scam artist was pushing pump and dump schemes in 90’s during the tech bubble. This just another bubble that will ruin people, none of us know for sure what the future holds…

  11. Canisius19 says:

    not regarded at hype why not, I hear these so called experts every night on the radio pushing metals, over charging customers with huge premiums on standard coins. The precious metals industry is filled with shady types.  I own plenty of silver I bought over 7 years ago now’s it will turn into a suckers game.

  12. TheElevationGroupPro says:

    Today my friend… today 🙂

  13. TheElevationGroupPro says:

    Respond to this video… Precious metals IS THE WAY … cannot be regarded as a hype… surely???

  14. TheElevationGroupPro says:

    Hey jocaswang…. sounds like we have a LOT in common….. this will be your most inspiring and emotional journey yet… When people get and understand this, it isn’t going to be something you just share…. it will be a MUST KNOW… for EVERYONE you know and love…. Looking forward to this soooooo much!! Have a great day and thanks for the comment… Kudos to you … Mark

  15. Canisius19 says:

    I know what Fiat and Jekyll are and who Vox Day is, he writes for WND and I dont trust most of what they report, they seem like a front for the precious metals industry

  16. jocaswang says:

    The website is not working….Hope to see the website and join..

  17. jocaswang says:

    This is great info Guys. Been looking for this and its already on it. Im into network marketing becoz of this idea. Hope we could leverage so much on this and apply what I have studied about Financial Literacy…Im excited for this one..

  18. LimoHireBlackpool says:

    great info guys

  19. appliancetechnical says:

    Mike Dillard rocks and the elevation group contains information that EYERYONE should know and ACT ON!!

  20. LimoHireUK says:

    The ultimate information on YouTube and the net right now… great job guys!!

  21. WhereToBuySilverNow says:

    Mike Dillard has created THE most important program ever devised with The Elevation Group. You’re so right Tripp, this stuff should have been taught in school… but we all know this wouldn’t happen as conformism is the name of the education game…. for now!!

  22. 100Kmindset says:

    Great, great information

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