The Effects of Social Media on Society and Marketing

This video describes the effects of social media on society & how marketing can utilize it. There has never been a bigger force for change than technology. It changes everything about the way we live, the way we get around, the way we eat, and even the way we talk to each other. With the rise of social media, the idea of community has changed radically. It’s no longer about the people around you. It’s anyone, anywhere on the planet that has a shared interest. Helping brands make those connections is where we come in. With Vitrue, brands can scale their efforts to make bigger, better, more engaging social marketing.
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  4. ayinhung says:

    it’s like a credential /

  5. daniel7am says:

    what editing software did you use to create this video?

  6. MakitaALL says:

    I like this Ad. It pretty says everything!

  7. fabulusplr says:

    Bill Hicks said it best.
    “By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself.
    It’s a little thought, just trying to plant seeds. Maybe one day they’ll take root”


  8. RobinMFisher says:

    YES! Forget social media. It’s a trap. It hasn’t helped equality on this planet at all.
    Fuck their pacification and happy hogan tactics as well, the illuminati have everyone against eachother while brainwashing people, that it’s all okay, and if you don’t play along, than you’re a “bad apple.” Like get real world, your cognitive dissonance, denial and emtionally bankrupt ways are lunacy and emotionally hypocritical.

  9. JeppeMcSang says:

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  10. Steve Prager says:

    So true! Social media is now a huge part of Internet marketing.

  11. Daniel Croswire says:

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  12. Jakeman219 says:

    Hello, Evil

  13. Georgia Storey says:

    social media is . . . . . . . .

  14. D01589466 says:

    Suck My Dick you pricks, Trying to c control my mind with your happy Hogan tactics, selling me shit that I don’t need or already have under a different brand.
    Curse the Illuminati.

  15. TheFoxfeather says:

    I don’t trust this because of many hints that can go wrong in our society :/ just stick to the old times and this is coming from this generation. I haven’t been totally sunk into this!

  16. uexdrukl says:

    Hi, Satan! ^^

  17. BadManFifi says:


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