The Difference Between Actual Tuners And Ricers

Definition: tuner – ˈtjuːnə/ – noun – “this person does performance mods before apperance mods, unlike the ricer.” Which are you? Subscribe to Car Throttle: …
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  1. Corie Burk says:

    Too bad a spoiler is beneficial to overall handling and grip regardless of
    drivetrain layout… Uneducated idiots, everywhere. 

  2. TheOrigGearhead says:

    I’m going to sticker bomb my hood and get new rims and paint them all
    different fluorescent colors on my 2007 Hyundai Sonata. Because I think
    THAT’S what looks cool and THAT’S what I want to do with my car. I’m not
    saying it adds power or any horseshit like that. I don’t want a track car,
    I want a car that I can look at and smile because it’s like no other.

  3. Lextube says:

    Calling Bosozoku, ricers… get out.

  4. Rev55 says:

    every tuner is a ricer to a muscle car guy

  5. Op3r8r says:

    Stance is not rice.
    Jesus fucking christ what is wrong with stance?
    Who cares if you struggle to get over a speed bump, that’s his preference.
    At least most of them look nice.
    Slamming is gay.
    Rice is gay.
    Stance looks chill.
    Get over it. 

  6. sprinter787 says:

    Car throttle you guys are assholes, just because you don’t like “stance”
    doesn’t mean it’s rice. Now I’m a big fan of both Function and form, more
    so function but that does it give you biased cunts permission to hate on
    the stance culture just because you don’t particularly like it. Some people
    are interested in cruising and looks while others racing and going to the
    track. Get that through you heads you utter pricks. Also hating on Bosozuka
    was very disappointing, maybe you should look up the history on it so you
    understand what IT IS. 

  7. Clesarie says:

    Dude negitive camber is so rice Ionno how people thing that shit is cool.
    Its right up there with hellah flush garbage.

  8. Sandra Rios says:

    I agree with 99% of this video, except for 3 things. First we need a new
    term to use instead of “ricers.” It’s a little racist. Broken gear heads?
    Car nutters? I dunno. Just something a little more culturally sensitive.

    And two, that one clip of the cars with the 10 foot exhaust pipes, that’s a
    “style” in Japan. Like the “light show” vans. A style not to my liking, but
    a style that some like, nonetheless.

    And 3, a spoiler or wing on a front wheel drive car. Useful at times. Like
    at a track day. Ever watch BTCC or WTCC? Front wheel drive cars with
    spoilers and wings. In a race situation, having some downforce to aid with
    rear wheel traction actually helps in cornering situations. Reduces the
    “dog about to pee,” “one leg up” phenomenon.

    Other than that. Yes. 99% of the stuff was cringe-worthy. Like the sound of
    a generic aftermarket exhaust. That farting sound. Just no. Please no. No
    one hears that and goes, “That sounds mean. That car must be packing heat
    under the hood.”

    But thanks for sharing. Good for a laugh.

  9. ismazara says:

    Everyone has to admit that they were a ricer in Need for Speed underground

  10. zLeeeO says:

    Disagree completely with the slammed cars being rivers. Ricers buy massive
    body kits to make them look low 

  11. Andy S says:

    what an ass banger….taking other video and disgrace it…Stance is
    cooler,that’s why you hating it….Form>Function is life…

  12. LanceCampeau says:

    funny video… but I absolutely love those wacky Japanese hot rods at 0:39.
    That’s some funky, ridiculous shit. 

  13. Dale Doback says:

    Would you guys rather have 800 Honda civics, or 1 McLaren GTR LM? 

  14. chaz mathews says:

    Japan doesn’t give a fuck lol, they tune and build cars just to piss people
    off and put that much negative camber on it for the hell of it lol. Do you
    seriously think that Japan can’t build a car? LOL i’ve seen several
    slammed, stanced cars drift lol. Japan doesn’t only have Bosozoku cars but
    also bikes and their purpose is to piss people off which already made a lot
    of people in the comment section butthurt haha. I love when people say
    hellaflush makes your car undrivable when you clearly just watched one
    drive down the road…. 

  15. kiraanimerawr1 says:

    Hey, I’m all for making your car look nice. I own a v6 Mustang and have
    done more aesthetically than engine-wise.. mostly because of money
    constraints. I think my car is beautiful, but some people would hate on it
    for somehow “pretending” that it has power when it can’t compete with v8s.
    I can appreciate the artistic cars.. like the Japanese ones, and when there
    are actually good Need for Speed style body kits. Show cars don’t have to
    prove on the track.

    That being said….. there is a right way to do things to your car… and a
    wrong way to do things to your car. Not even rice necessarily.. but
    honestly that’s where I find most of the people who don’t have a lot of
    money and no do it yourself skill. I have nothing against aftermarket
    parts… but when you glue a black plastic garden separator onto the front
    of your car to be a “chin spoiler”, make a shitty looking spoiler that
    looks like it was made from expanding foam and cardboard, put a giant
    obnoxious fart can on the back, and do a half-assed home vinyl or paint
    job…. then yeah.. I got issues.
    Not that money should keep anyone from getting where they want to go….

  16. Hank Hill says:

    “ricers” and “tuners” are the exact same to me. annoying little punks that
    does not know how to drive, they ruin their vehicles by putting annoying
    crap on them. making the cars to low that it cant even go over a little
    bump and get all upset when their bottom gets scratched. another annoying
    thing is when people put huge ass rims on a freaking car. and the most
    annoying of all..the sound the cars make is the same sound i make in the
    bathroom after eating taco bell.

  17. Weekendwarrior232 says:

    Low car, wide body, fat spoiler, big power. You can be a ricer tuner. This
    comparison shows how much of a poser the uploader is. Claims to be a tuner
    or a car guy and doesn’t accept other peoples car preferences. If they like
    it let them do their thing and keep doing yours.

  18. DESCENT says:

    I run -2°20′ on the rear of my 200SX. can’t go less. only more.
    And it’s not that bad low. you can still park over some curbs and sidewalks
    without ripping your suff away. I’m happy with it aaaand it looks Ok, not
    to crazy.

    No I’m not a ricer.

  19. plazasta says:

    In quebec police can give you a ticket/arrest you gor hellaflushing

  20. BlackMesa RF says:

    Downfoce is good even on a fwd. If you brake hard, your rear gets light and
    you might lose control while doing the turn. A spoiler helps to keep the
    rear on the ground.
    But THIS thing is really stupid :P

  21. H3LLCat_397 says:

    The guys that were scraping werent ricers because they scraped theres
    something out there called STANCE

  22. Aldion Sylkaj says:

    A bit of both won’t hurt; overpowered sound system and overpowered motor.

  23. Unkwon Malaysian Guy says:

    By i mean rice
    Is people who put good looking show cars(lol joke ;D ) and brags about heir
    car has 500hp or wathever 

  24. Damage Incorporated says:

    The amount of butt-hurt in the comments is high, as expected.

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