The Concept of God in Islam and Christianity – David Wood vs. Abdullah al-Andalusi

Date: July 18, 2009 Location: London, England Christian debater: David Wood Muslim debater: Abdullah al-Andalusi For David Wood: http://www.acts17.net/
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Eddie Namini says:

    it is also mentioned in the scriptures which Muslims believe that’s been
    “God made man in His own image” …Surely, God’s characters and qualities
    have been misconstrued and manipulated in your Koran and not in the bible. 

  2. Dave Pax says:

    Again david Wood owned the debate. Muslims must be getting nervous now that
    we can study the Quran in minute detail and hold it up to a bright (but
    fair) light to see what it really says and means.

    20 years ago we knew little of this religion – now we debate on equal

  3. vjfive00 says:

    with out non muslim technology like plane buses muslim can not go haj

  4. Eddie Namini says:

    So then, if you say you believe in your words according to your holy Koran,
    under no circumstances whatsoever, GOD DOES NOT LIE (because He doesn’t
    need to) as stated here, how then is it that “lying” itself in Islam under
    certain conditions is accepted by this phony god of yours? Look, you dumb
    ass Muslim who are awaiting your reward in a paradise full of
    AGAINST HUMANITY, and if any religion say that it is okay for its followers
    to lie under any condition at all, it is understood from your own doctrines
    that your religion is nothing but LIES … how do I know that Muhammad was
    not lying when he said all that? Since he himself was endangered at the
    very beginning of his so called enlightenment and since he claimed that
    certain words were revealed to him by Satan (father of all lies) how do you
    dare claim that you are preaching the truth in Islam…what gives you the
    reason to believe it is %100 truth when it tells you that it is okay for
    you to lie?

    Islam is a sick and demented religion for fools and idiots, alone.

    I feel sorry for David Wood who has to sit at one table with you wasting
    his time with your nonsensical dogmatic views!

  5. Michael Luff says:

    David Wood is blessed by Christ to present the truth to Moslems

  6. F Sanchez says:

    Well done. David Wood.

  7. F Sanchez says:

    Its a shame that other muslim debaters present in the show feel the need to
    ask questions to David, proving they clearly think the main debater needed
    some desperate help from them, but still David does not stand down. Its

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