The Concept 2 Rower – Better Look at Its Special Features

The Concept 2 Rower – Better Look at Its Special Features

Article by Laura Ledesma

In the early part of the 1980s, the Concept 2 rowers were introduced to the world. The machines are created and shipped from Vermont, and the company created this rowing machine just because they were so aware of the need to train during winter months. So it makes sense that creating a high quality rowing machine for use indoors would be a fantastic idea. Another essential concern was the desire to develop the very best using superior criteria for design and materials. I have the unique view to write about this since I have been a user of a Concept 2 for nearly 10 years. I will go further into details concerning the more important qualities of this workout machine.

The choices are pretty upfront, you can buy the Model D or the Model E. The Model E is delivered just as you see it, but the Model D has a selection of performance monitor. The main accessory that goes with each Concept 2 rowing machine is the PM3 or PM4 performance monitor. The Model D comes with a PM3, however you can choose to have a PM4 at additional cost. The pricier Model E always has the PM4 with it as the main monitoring device. The Model D has the lowest price of 0 and higher price with the better monitoring device.

The performance monitoring devices, PM3 and PM4, are sleek designs that provide the most important metrics for monitoring your pulse and rowing stats. Your heart rate is monitored by a device that you place across your chest. You may think the sensor will be noticeable and cause discomfort, but but it’s quite the opposite. I can tell you from what I have experienced that it will not even be thought of while you are working out. There are no wires either since the data is sent out to the monitor.

The Concept 2 design uses a flywheel assembly that you will use to generate the resistance and make you feel that you are rowing on water. There are no safety issues with this because the flywheel is entirely covered in a plastic assembly. You can adjust the amount of resistance through a small lever located on the flywheel housing. If you are thinking this is something that will create noise, then that is not the case since this rowing machine is very quiet. While you are rowing, the fan-like flywheel emits a low level sound, and you can feel the air movement at certain angles. This moving air sound from the flywheel assembly is similar to a fan that is on slowly. Unless the person in the other room is an extremely light sleeper, you won’t be waking up other people.

You can select the type of performance metrics that suit you the best from an easy-to-understand menu on either the PM3 or PM4. There are adequate data types to satisfy the needs of either competition level rowers or someone who wants a great exercise. Your specific needs will tell you what you want to keep track of and what is not so essential. For instance, if you are a competitive rower, you will most likely pay attention to different stats from other competitive rowers.

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