The Concept 2 Rower – Better Look at Its Special Features

The Concept 2 Rower – Better Look at Its Special Features

Article by Laura Ledesma

Way back in the early 80s, the Concept 2 rowing workout machines were introduced to the world. The rowing equipment are created and shipped from Vermont, and they produced this rowing machine just because they were so aware of the need to train in wintertime. So it adds up that designing a high quality rowing machine for use indoors would be a terrific idea. However, they purposely wanted to make the very best rowers possible utilizing intelligent design principles. The person writing this article, me of course, is a Concept 2 user, and I genuinely can tell you how satisfied I am with their product. So I’ll talk more about several specifics in this review of Concept 2 rowers.

You will find two rowing machine models available, the Model D and E. If you want to spend less, then the Model D is the model you want to get. The performance monitors are referred to as, PM3 or PM4, and they are part of the package with each machine. If you need a better monitor with the Model D rowing exercise machine, then you will have to pick out the D model with the improved monitor. The other pick, which is costlier, is the E rowing machine with the PM4 monitoring device. The Model D has the least price of 0 and higher price with the better performance monitor.

The monitoring devices, PM3 and PM4, are sleek designs that provide the most important metrics for monitoring your pulse rate and rowing stats. There is an enclosed pulse rate monitor worn across your chest, and there is a strap that keeps it in place. This sensor is very low profile and made of rubber, and the strap you use with it is like spandex and adjusts. I can tell you from my own experience that you won’t notice it’s there while you are exercising. There are no wires either as the information is sent to the monitor.

The only thing requiredthat’s needed is the resistance to simulate a rowing action, and that is attained with a flywheel on the front of the rowing machine. The flywheel is confined in a suitably designed housing for safety intents. The manner in which you modify the degree of difficulty with rowing is a mechanical, and manual, lever on the flywheel. If you are thinking this is something that will create noise, then that is not the case because this exercise machine is very quiet. Since the flywheel is very much like a fan, of course you can notice a gentle swirling sound. However, I can share that after many years of use that the flywheel movement does not create any distractions at all. You could put this rowing exercise machine in just about any room and be able to use it without creating noise.

Either performance monitor also enables you to track different types of data about your rowing in real time. It is helpful from the standpoint of your progress to know your total distance rowed, how long it took you to do it, or even how quickly you can do a stroke And so it all comes down to your reasons for using the rower beyond the basic desire to get and stay in shape. This mainly based on whether you are rowing for general fitness, or if you participate in rowing contests and what level you enter in.

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