The Blueprint For The Success Of Any Downline

The Blueprint For The Success Of Any Downline

Article by Josip Barbaric

Affiliate marketing and MLM are often considered a game of numbers. The more people you enroll, the more money you will make. With a few exceptions, this only works in theory.

The harsh truth of this business is that most people fail. Therefore, it stands to reason that most of the people that we enroll in our downlines will not achieve success. That means that most of our efforts have been wasted, if we are involved in any decent affiliate marketing or MLM program. The people that we enroll will not stay in the program if they don’t experience success.

Naturally, there is a way to fix the situation and improve our business. By understanding that this is not purely a numbers game, that these are real people who want to achieve success and make money with this business, by understanding that if we follow certain guidelines, we can create a strong, healthy and productive downline. And a downline that will stay and grow.

The solution lies in the relationship between you and your downline. It’s not the product and it’s not the program, it’s the people that matter.

Follow these guidelines and you will build a strong and profitable downline:

1. Know your program

You have to know the in’s and out’s of important aspects of the program. This knowledge will be crucial as you direct your downline to the path of success.

2. Let them know you care

Your downline must know that you have a strong and genuine interest in helping them succeed. This is a first step in keeping the affiliates in the program and building a relationship with them. If you are perceived as someone who only wants to take advantage of them, you have failed.

3. Share

Share your experience, your time, your insights about business and any free resources that your affiliates can use. The more you share, the more you will receive. Your downline will appreciate your help and your time, and their feedback and higher involvement in the program will be a natural outcome. That leads us to point number four.

4. Be sincere

Once you’ve established a relationship with your affiliates, you must preserve and grow that relationship. The biggest mistake would be to deceive them in some way regarding the program, yourself or anything else for that matter. Be honest and sincere in your communication with them and you will earn their trust. When your downline has trust in you, they will come to you with their questions and their needs, and they won’t hesitate to use something or buy something that they want or need, if they have your honest recommendation.

5. Be proactive and accessible

Contact your downline on a regular basis, providing them with tips and advice, offering your help and assistance if and when they need it. Also, be quick when answering their inquiries, as this will show them that they have your support.

6. Teach them to duplicate and expand their downline

The final important step is to teach your downline how to duplicate what you do and how you do it. If you can apply these things to your business, then you can teach them to do the same. This will ensure that your downline grows exponentially and continues to makes you money.

These are the components of a blueprint which, if you follow it, will help you build a strong and profitable downline. After all, it’s the people that matter. And people tend to duplicate something if it works. Show your downline that it can work, and show them, by example, with your own results. After all, it’s you that matters.

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Josip Barbaric has successfully built downlines in many different affiliate marketing programs. Visit his self improvement site now and get his blueprint for success.

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