The biomedical attraction of magnetic nanoparticles

Magnetic-materials specialist Kevin O’Grady predicts a big future for magnetic nanoparticles in clinical applications ranging from targeted drug delivery to the heat treatment of cancerous tumours. Kevin O’Grady, professor of physics at the University of York, UK, provides an accessible overview that unpicks the fundamental science of magnetic nanoparticles as well as looking ahead to the delivery of real-world diagnostic and therapeutic nanoparticle technologies for clinical medicine.
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  1. ratchet600 says:

    This video is worth more than a hill of beans by a long way!

  2. 01058sr says:

    ‘no its not a new technology, i have been studyin it for over 30 years remember!’ hahaha o’grady=douche

  3. alejandrogomezroca says:

    Que grande eres Kevin!

  4. komkritc says:

    awesome !

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