The Big 5 In Social Networking

The Big 5 In Social Networking

Article by Jan Weidenbach

Social-networking has become very popular in recent years. The number of social-networks exploded and many internet users are members of two or more social networks. The choice is big as there are specialty-networks for any interest you could imagine be it sports, politics or religion. But when you perform an internet search you will most likely stumble over one of the Big-Five social-networks, some of which have over a hundred million members. Here’s a short introduction:Facebook has become the biggest social-network today with over a hundred million members. Although it has so many members, Facebook is still considered to be a specialty-network because it focuses on High-School, College and workplace-networks. By limiting user connections to these networks, Facebook makes the social-networking experience much safer.FriendFinder is another multi-million-member social-network. It is one of the oldest social networks. What makes FriendFinder different from other social-networks of the Top 5 is that they also offer paid-membership plans with special features. Using paid-memberships also makes this network more secure and less inflationary like MySpace or Facebook. Another network considered as specialty social-network is Classmates. Like the name says it focuses on friendships you made in School, be it Elementary-School, Middle-School, high-School or College. Classmates also offers paid membership plans, however they are not expensive. The highest paid plan costs about 5$ a month.Probably one of the best known social networks and with more than a hundred million members one of the biggest is MySpace. MySpace is considered to be general social-network with no focus on special interests. MySpace is well known for its additional features like horoscope, Chat, Instant messaging and job-listings.Google also has its own social-networking service. It’s called Orkut and it’s named after a Google employee known as Orkut Buyukkokten. The special thing about Orkut is that it’s not an open social-network like the others mentioned above and it requires an invitation from an existing member. Google chose this model to increase safety.

Now you know the Big Five in social-networking. Choose the network that is right for you.

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