The Best Picture Summary 2011

It’s that time of year. The little golden guys have been dusted off for another round of mutual appreciation amongst those Hollywood types. Feast your eyes this homage to this special occasion. Check out our website: www.howitshouldhaveended.com for exclusive content! Get your HISHE shirts now howitshouldhaveended.spreadshirt.com How It Should Have Ended Comedy Series Black Swan True Grit Social Network Winter Bone Oscar Awards SciFi Horror Action

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  1. TheCrazyMV says:


  2. mnbvc60 says:

    The Social Network should have won

  3. TheRapskallion says:

    I’m not sure anymore ._.

  4. Gabriel Cabangon says:

    whats a Motion Picture?

  5. TheRapskallion says:

    Best picture as in best “motion picture.” You know, movies = motion pictures?

  6. lovegc55 says:

    The Social Network should have won

  7. WWIIAMAN says:

    the kings speech is terrible but funny!

  8. MrWhaler11 says:

    And inception

  9. MrWhaler11 says:

    I love winter’s bone

  10. Gabriel Cabangon says:

    whats a BEST PICTURE? is that the Movie POSTER or what? Please comment so I can Know!

  11. ASuperMegaDork says:

    I have only seen one of the movies they showed…

  12. rbosvelt88 says:

    The kings speatch rocks

  13. williammoseleyfan101 says:

    Inception was dead on lol
    What a great montage!!! I wish Inception won for Best Picture : /

  14. kyleiscoolism says:

    inception or toy story 3.

  15. KilljoyDestroyaStar says:


  16. Marie Kettersmith says:

    black swan

  17. s2008171 says:

    Mark Zuckerberg is cruel …. so cruel ….

  18. pezhippo says:

    True Grit or Inception

  19. Johna Gallus says:

    true grit

  20. pablozky21 says:

    Inception all the way, along with The King’s Speech

  21. swagshadz says:


  22. David Boshears says:

    Inception really won the ballot, but Cobol Engineering planted an idea in Spielberg’s mind so he would say “The King’s Speech”.

  23. David Boshears says:

    Totally. It’s in my head as we speak, just falling. That movie was totally epic, but the number of Fords that got destroyed made it even more epic.

  24. AangelKataang says:

    HTTYD deserved that Oscar. T_T

  25. EpicLonelyRussian says:

    127 hours had the best morals……

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