The Best Generating Traffic Secrets Need Just One Extra Piece

The Best Generating Traffic Secrets Need Just One Extra Piece

The best generating traffic solutions for your online business are so arguable in terms of which one reigns supreme, that in my mind, at least, it’s almost a “pick one and stick with it” kind of thing.

Let’s say that you’re a keyword person and that you know to infuse articles and press releases and your blogs with the keywords that you know you can achieve killer rank for.

You’ve done your due diligence, you know what will bring you to the promised land of the first page of Google natural searches…and you get these keywords featured on great sites (like this one, mind you) where prime visibility is sure to occur…and hence, traffic.


But what happens then?

You get the click, you bring the visitor to your door, then what?

You’re going to allow that person to window shop after all of your hard work, and you’re not going to make the slightest effort to push that person into committing to make the next simple step? The one that allows you to start, then build a relationship with them. A relationship and a dialogue that, if done right has the potential to answer all of their concerns, to bond with you as a person and to eventually become a customer of yours possibly forever?

You’re NOT willing to go THERE?

But wait just a second. You’re running an online operation, bucko. You can feel the skepticism people have for all things net related if they know nothing about you.

It plain to see.

So why not continue your step-by-step model and when you find that best generating traffic concept TAKE THAT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Is it easy to to?


Is it something everyone will do.


And therein lies your greatest opportunity with all of that traffic that’s pouring onto your site every single day!

Kevin Browne is a former Creative Director and Senior Copywriter at agencies including J Walter Thompson, McCann Erickson and Young and Rubicam. Kevin now runs TABinteractive where he shows web owners how to FINALLY make wonderfully consistent online sales at http://www.tabinteractive.net/communcation.html

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