The best alternative to social networking-Google social networking

The best alternative to social networking-Google social networking

Article by Jamie Collier

At present, you can see that Google is been used for each aspect of the internet.While Google previously did not have anything to do with social networking, but now they are building a presence in the social networking arena as well.Google has develop into standard for a lot of things and so it is believed that google social networking will also develop into standard for social networking, inclusive of searching by e-mails, calendar, paid advertisements, search engines and also web documents and web applications. You should jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible. Use for example CB Quantum for that. The fact is that social networking websites have gained attention from all over the world mainly online.The big social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace are excellent places where people can connect to other people and even market their companies and reach new customers.Such social networking sites are accurately used by millions of people.The best way for a company to reach to a potential market and vast group of customers is by effectively using social networking website.Google social networking was launched at a time when people thought that the concept was already at its peak.Orkut is considered as a social networking website owned by the Google, which was launched at a party.Orkut is considered as a strong player in comparison with other social networking sites online. Not as powerful as CB Quantum though.In Latin America and Asia, Orkut has achieved tremendous popularity and now it has started making its name in the United States.One way in which Google social networking can become huge facet online is by leading the market of social networking.Google social networking wants to make their own place on internet like MySpace and Facebook.The number of people visiting Orkut especially in China and Japan has increased thrice when compared to past and the figure has reached to 11 millions in one month.Is Google’s Orkut, in the United States, going to get huge popularity as social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook will be soon known as the time passes.But the fact is Google are aware about their work and have demonstrated themselves as a powerful contender in most of the major markets.Once Google begin to offer more than their competitor social networking websites they will soon gain better position like other social networking sites.In case you are not yet on Orkut you surely need to log on to your Google account and check it out.In case you possess a Gmail account or other Google account, half of your registration work is done, as you just have to log in and start creating your profile for Google social networking.

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