The Anti-Social Network – Short Film

WATCH my next comedic short on EVERY social media stereotype! #Socially Awkward Media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rinhJnGQI24 Written & Directed by Shae-…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Manisha Sharma says:

    Is that Australian accent ? 

  2. David Erik Finn says:

    Inspired by the “Look Up” poem:
    Anti-Social Media Day, 01 November 2014; do not login for just one day
    (unless your job requires it). Maybe, instead of typing something nice in
    the virtual world, go outside (if you’re physically and psychologically
    able) and do something nice for another person in real life.

  3. wanderlust342 says:

    If I share this on Facebook, will it explode?

  4. Andi Herrmann says:

    Sehenswert ;-)

  5. Eliana Corina says:
  6. virkaran gill says:

    Don’t log into Facebook while watching!

  7. Top Button Productions says:

    Hey guys, we here at Top Button Productions recently made a short film
    about substance abuse and addiction. It is definitely something new and
    different. So it would mean a lot if you would come and check it out. Thank

    Wild and scenic film festival winner 2014.

  8. Burnt says:

    I’m 17 and I am actually getting fed up with social networking and tech, I
    mean, I can’t say I don’t have an addiction, but in the past few months
    I’ve actually been hanging out with friends, and actually leaving the
    house, and all I can say is I’ve felt happier, less lonely. I can barely
    play video games anymore because I get bored and I’d rather be out on my
    bike or hanging out with friends. Put your phone down, and actually TALK to
    your friends face to face, trust me, it feels a lot better. I do love
    talking to my friends through text when I can’t see them though, but if
    you’re with a friend or a group of people don’t sit there on your phone, I
    have friends that do this and it annoys the hell out of me. I had a friend
    that would get mad at me if I didn’t text them, but I was with a friend, I
    have all the time in the world to talk to you, so stfu and leave me alone.

  9. wszyscyzginiemy says:

    “Wayne Kerr” I see what you did there m8

  10. MissBizarreGamer says:

    a short film about anti-social network and at the end it’s like ‘like us on
    lol :P

  11. Mcgyaiver Saong says:

    What the hell with that chessy ending?

  12. Matthew McKelvy says:

    What camera are you using?

  13. Red Vice says:

    the ending was a cheesy shit.

  14. Fluxymedia says:
  15. Sarah Alice says:



  16. devilzatt says:

    wicked ending……nice one…

  17. S e IN T IR i X says:

    I feel pretty bad about laying in my bed with my iphone in my hand instead
    of a girl :D

  18. DarkAkatsuki2573 says:

    Whats her name ?

  19. AVICIIZ says:

    I’m your 1000th subscriber! :)

  20. Jayden Ranby says:

    Oh wow. I loved this, totally have to share this on facebook.

  21. Novella Cinephile says:

    Sadly the main character seems unintelligent. Too self involved. But the
    film shows how disconnected we can be (never had a Facebook myself) but I
    would have walked away from that “date” 2 minutes in. Painful. The woman
    knew how to actually interact. The guy would likely flip if he went camping
    and didn’t have service.

  22. Pitchoo973 says:

    there is people like that irl ??

  23. MTRProductions says:

    This is awesomely shot and edited!!

  24. Think, Inc. says:

    Please subscribe to our channel and do support. 🙂
    – a budding channel for short films and motion pictures.

  25. Amber Greep says:

    That moment when you realise that the pigeon she kept talking about was
    twitter….. XD

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