The 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf story.

flexdesigns.co.uk – http The 2012 advert by the Guardian newspaper where the 3 little pigs are arrested for boiling up the big bad wolf and cause controversy and the public to explode via media attention and social sharing I hope more companies start to get creative with advertising like The Guardian have done with this 3 little pigs masterpiece, It definitely has to be the best advert I’ve seen this year! Like us on Facebook – www.facebook.com Follow us on twitter – twitter.com Web design, Marketing and SEO- flexdesigns.co.uk
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  1. MagicFanMan says:

    This piece of trash paper is defending the taking over of the UK by Muslim immigrants.

  2. Allen Barclay Allen says:

    Wow That caused a riot?

  3. PaladinBoyd1 says:

    Liked I said in school ‘If you break into someone homes your gonna get wracked’

  4. BenBarnesRules says:

    one of the best adverts ive ever seen!!! gave me goosebumps!!

  5. poulet7 says:

    cool video, nice effects. i live in texas so we can kill whoever we want if they try and break into our homes. hell me and my mother have guns in our homes just for that. anyway, cool commercial.

  6. Savka88 says:

    The pigs are the victims they shouldn´t go through all this.

  7. coolteddy500 says:

    I think its such a good ad

  8. Sozile says:

    Yeah it’s convinced me to actually read the guardian.

  9. sayandhargame says:

    I have a different view on UK now…their jails are full of cute piggies 🙂

  10. happyspaners118 says:

    great now i want there to be a guardian movie

  11. 2000traj says:

    Yh same it was so kl

  12. 1878EFC2008 says:

    That’s sort of the point really.

    If a simple trick of reinterpreting a well known children;s story renders you ‘messed up’, just imagine what gargantuan financial institutions working hand-in-hand with governments would be able to do…….

  13. moshlingzoo says:

    I KNOW! LET’S JOIN IN! Thumbs up if pigs are innocent, thumbs down if guilty!

  14. Frank Rizano says:

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  15. Melinazari22 says:

    Poor wolf, rest in peace wolves are better than pigs 4 ever

  16. moserraymond says:

    Smile. If you can imagine it, it is real, or is it?

  17. carbuneG says:

     Britain get ready…. you are next :((

  18. Somebodyouthere says:

    from a company that looses $600m per year…..

  19. taloolalala says:

    draw somthing? 1:26

  20. finalcloud69 says:

    All this really makes me think about is how short-sighted and quick to judge and blame we are. My faith in humanity is dying.

  21. Lara Sugden says:

    I was upset when I found out it wasent a film … such a good advert though my new favourite !!!

  22. Tgedz98 says:

    Woah… Cool

  23. UrDanc3r says:

    this is great!

  24. Baoch says:

    Saw this at the cinema today, and loved it!

  25. Ahmad Ridhzuan says:

    this is perfect….

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