The 20 Most Effective Site Traffic Generation Methods

The 20 Most Effective Site Traffic Generation Methods

Article by Hilda T. Nolan

Traffic Generation is one of the most significant things you need to know when it comes to making money online, without traffic an internet site is simply an URL, a waste of money. However, if this website has 100 people visiting it every single day then it could possibly be the answer to making that online fortune you can only imagine before. The question is, how do you start this flow of traffic to your site? Which methods have been tried and tested and therefore are proven to work? Well, I will allow you to into that little secret now, with 10 effective methods most internet marketers use.

1. E-mail marketing. Opt-ins and Autoresponders: While considered by many as a marketing technique this may also bring customers with the oldest of methods, ‘Word Of Mouth’. So long as you deliver value and content for your list they are certain to tell others of how good they are treated on your list, this is particularly effective around product launches.

2. Articles and Article promotion: This can be a very effective and relatively cheap method of generating traffic. It only costs you around an hour of your time to write articles and when you believe from the potential amount of cash to be made from the traffic generated it is no time at all. It is extremely time intensive in the beginning to create an article but as long as the topic you are writing the article about is a that you know well then it shouldn’t take more than a few hours. This may appear to be a long time however the more articles you are writing the easier it might be, you start to fall into your own way of writing and will soon be able to write an article in around Half an hour. An important feature about this Traffic Generation technique is that it is free and highly targeted, it just takes some time and knowledge.

3. Ppc Advertising: This process is one of the more expensive methods available over time however it generates a lot more targeted traffic than the others. This process works by basically paying a business so that they then direct internet visitors to your personal website. Basically you pay for each visitor you obtain, and that’s why it’s called ‘Pay Per Click’. This method is, if you haven’t guessed from the name, a technique which costs money. This is simply in which you promote your link on the search engine, for example Google, and you are charged for every click your link. This Traffic Generation is even more highly targeted than article promotion and can save you considerable time but, obviously, it will are more expensive as it is not really a free method. With PPC you receive what you purchase, therefore the more you invest into this method then your more traffic you’ll receive.

4. Using eBay: eBay is one of the most popular websites on the web at this current time, FACT. Which means that there’s a good deal of visitors to be had while you could post anything from a tropical for an empty water bottle and it will be observed. All you need to do is apply a few other techniques and every one of this traffic could be sent right to your own site.

5. Using Affiliate marketing programs: These can be another very effective way of getting visitors to your site. All you need to do is offer a percentage of any sales designed to other marketers after which therefore provides them a motivation to promote your site. Traffic without you needing to even lift a finger.

6. Using Forums: This is a method which people often ignore, simply by getting the news out of the website round the internet in a variety of forums and groups. There are a lot of these out there and a lot have the freedom to become listed on. It just takes some time and energy from you.

7. Banner Advertising: This really is traffic generation method which takes a little more effort, every click must be understood and tracked if you wish to make use of this method effectively. The majority of the advertising companies out there will produce these details on request, helping you work out which banners are effective and those which aren’t.

8. Using Blogs. Blogs were originally created as online diaries in which you could post your day to day accomplishments and opinions, then others could read about it. Now they have evolved into a tool for promoting businesses very effectively. They’re favoured since they’re simple to create and maintenance is extremely low, also they generate lots of cost-effective targeted visitors. Free, easy to start, update and maintain, and requiring no website design skills, blogs could be a hugely effective tool for generating curiosity about your website, and therefore no cost traffic. More to the point, blogs are loved through the search engines like google because of the way they’re structured, the amount of relative content they contain and also the proven fact that they’re constantly updated. An excellent spot for you to start will be either or

9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO basically means improving your website in the eyes of search engines like google so that they appear higher up the list of results. There are a lot of various ways this can be done for example keywords, content and layout etc. When applied correctly this technique can raise the ranking of the website considerably. This process is another free method which basically involves updating and enhancing your website within the eyes of an internet search engine to assist it rank better within the search engine results. These improvements can be made in the form of this content, the layout and also ensuring keywords are relevant. This Traffic Generation method only involves you making little tweaks here and there and it is a lot less time consuming than developing a totally new website since the old one wasn’t getting enough traffic. As aforementioned this method is yet another free method, it simply requires a little time and effort on your part and when it is applied correctly it may boost the amount of traffic you receive considerably.

10. Word of Mouth & Reputation. If you build a genuine business and provide your visitors rich in quality content and impeccable support then you will build a reputation as an honest and difficult working marketer and shortly word will spread the ones will flock to visit your items that they’ve heard about using their friends. However be weary that this can also work against you, should you develop a bad reputation then people will quickly be referring to your bad habits and your business will be ruined.

11. Conventional Advertising. Use conventional advertising where appropriate. Magazine ads are a good medium having a long shelf-life (in comparison to an email). Collateral Inclusion. Make sure to put your website on everything that you do business with. It’s all regulated called collateral – stationery, brochures, invoices, business card printing, etc. Put your website on your building sign or in your front door!

12. Directory Submissions. These still work, but they perform best if you can acquire one way links rather than back-links. Online yellow pages and organization listings work best choices. Additionally you need to ensure you’re using high PR sites.

13. Article Submissions. High PR websites are some of the search engines favorite content providers. If you’re able to get an article published on a quality directory with highly sought after keywords, you’re on the right track.

14. Online Classifieds. This really is a newcomer, but has exploded in the last year. Sites like Craigslist are as popular or more popular than article directories, and therefore are utilized by millions each day.

15. Local Listings. Never underestimate the power of going local. If you’re in a niche that has been covered with others before you, try marketing making use of your location as a keyword, and post to the local directories and local searches. You will see a vast difference inside your results and success.

16. Social media. Again, this really is among the newer ways of free traffic generation, however it has proved a huge internet marketing trend over the last two years. Sites like Twitter and Facebook give a fantastic method of promoting your business and building positive relationships with individuals interested in your niche. All you need to do is register and locate people in a similar industry to you, or people who show a desire for what you have to give you. After that you can include your website link in your Facebook and Twitter pages, so that all of your friends and followers can click on your website whenever they want to. The more friends and followers you have, the more sales you’ll inevitably make.

17. Video Marketing. If you are great in front of the camera then YouTube have a wonderful resource for you personally in place. Simply making great videos everyday or every second day will result in massive traffic. Yet again the great thing about video marketing is the fact that when the video expires it’s there to remain. Which means that the traffic to your site in the video is going to be steady and increase as time passes.

18. Posters. Using posters and banners around cities where your product and service is available is a wonderful method. This has firstly to do with the truth that when you put them up they will be there for a good span of time (a few weeks) but most importantly it’s free. After they’re printed all you have to do is place them up!

19. Press Releases – Much like the content method, free online public relations agencies like and will add your press release to a variety of different websites (assuming that like it, of course) and they’ll allow you to include your link too. You need to simply make certain your press release is exclusive and interesting.

20. Traffic Generation Software. Among latest online marketing trends used today in generating visitors are by using traffic building software which basically does all the methods mentioned previously on autopilot. Certain website owners have committed to such types of software to bolster their traffic sources along with existing organic traffic generation methods.

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As you can tell there are various ways of generating traffic, all is here learning from mistakes to discover which methods will work out for you personally as well as the quantity of your income you have to invest in traffic generation software. In either case there’s likely to be a method out there that will fit your website perfectly and can have those customers queueing as much as have a look at your site and products.

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