Thanks Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson

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  1. Катерина Кальченко says:

    Oles! Really happy to meet you here! Well done! Why not to share it with our Russian speaking groups! Really proud with your performance!

  2. Лариса Вдовина says:

    really good !

  3. Eric Marlow says:

    Your English is better than you think. Great job with your video. Click link to my channel and watch my “aha” moment video.

  4. Евгения Ивахненко says:

    Perfectly, Oles!!!!

  5. TAHITIANNONI1000 says:

    Good video! Thank you!

  6. petervantwerp says:

    very fluent presentation skills. Speak slightly slower, so that other non-english speaking people can also follow what you are saying. Would love to find out about the netwerk marketing idea you are talking about.

  7. buzz03100 says:

    An enthusiastic presentation. Good luck in the competition.

  8. arinazi says:

    Thank you! It is fine video!

  9. Evgaleona says:

    Good video! Thanks for the tips! Wish you luck!!

  10. aleciastringer says:

    Always helping others. Great tips. Come see mine on my channel too! I’d love to hear your reaction.

  11. income4uInfo says:

    You´re cool, Oles! Nice video!

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