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Aina y Laia Hernandez Soler (16 años) Availables fall 2012.

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  1. emailroy2002 says:

    you guys play good tennis!

  2. emailroy2002 says:

    I can see the light!

  3. Drew Sheesley says:

    cool i can do that , oh what let me get my tennis shoes and join playing
    with them ill grab my friend zoe and will play doubles.

  4. ChristineJLB says:

    Yeah. Theyre like radwanska.

  5. TRASHoftheTITANS says:

    Wow…they’re like mini Radwanskas! With a little time and effort, they
    could be great players. I wish you all the best girls!

  6. Rower21 says:

    Yes. They both play for Marquette University now. Doing quite well as a
    doubles team, I hear.

  7. Dermot Kimmage says:

    need work on forehands,way too much wrist

  8. Dermot Kimmage says:

    agree,forehand is very sloppy.too much wrist and it’s all over the place.

  9. Lucas Meireles says:

    look watch?v=0JtBAyubhsg

  10. altamimi amin says:


  11. TozDivine says:

    Seriously though, you’ll get more racket head speed if you loosen your arm
    and drop it behind you on your serve because it will increase the amount of
    room you have to accelerate your arm before making contact with the ball.

  12. MsSeik10 says:


  13. MaxFlare says:

    remember the 1930s when woman wore long dresses and big hats during tennis,
    practically covering their whole body.

  14. Ivo P. says:

    fuck they really play like women .. no variation, just hitting the ball as
    hard as possible, that’s the good way you can be number one this way 😀

  15. Chris py says:

    prolly that he/she goes there and heard about them, and saw this vid…

  16. iwatatakuya says:

    they are both good, but I think left-handed one has more potential. She has
    the forehand that enables her to hit heavy top-spin naturally. Right-handed
    one has to learn the variety in her groundstrokes. Just hitting, hitting,
    and hitting doesn’t make one a good player.

  17. cameronorlandi says:

    you have no pace on your strokes.

  18. Dainge says:

    Youre stupid

  19. phillexqify says:

    Hi, I’m phillexq and I’m right-handed

  20. Deion Corley says:


  21. SoulreapB says:

    You know…shock absorbers/dampeners do ACTUALLY do anything about reducing
    shock. They merely mute/silence the usual sound of a racquet. It does make
    a difference depending on your preference, but yeah, It’s all mental. Read
    on some research about it. It’s very interesting.

  22. Rodolfo Arreygue says:

    Señor papa, Google me dice hasta donde trabajas.

  23. Ayna Chocco says:

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    search it by typing- Manish Kumar Collge Recruiting Video. Feedbacks would
    be appreciated thanks 🙂

  24. itgfreak5 says:

    do any of you people realize this video is sped up??

  25. stargate669 says:

    I wear a t-shirt with my mother-in-law’s face on to stop my opponents pace

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