Ten MORE Reasons Muhammad Is a False Prophet – David Wood & Sam Shamoun

Must Watch – Ten MORE Reasons Muhammad Is a False Prophet – David Wood & Sam Shamoun Support the great Jesus or Muhammad show here https://www.abnsat.com tag…
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  1. Rashad abdulhaqq says:

    As a Muslim David, I assure you we think you and your religion is illogical
    and that your videos are actually a cry out for help. If you want to
    convert to Islam do it already don’t self hate

  2. FloodGates says:

    How many of these are there? I’m losing track.

  3. shady manyio says:

    God Bless you David Wood and Sam Shamoun 

  4. Carina Dls says:

    Muhammad is a prophet of Satan, we worship The God of Abraham Isaac &
    Jacob, but not Muhammad & his followers god.

  5. i ahme says:

    You two get ready for hell 🙂 

  6. gameboyalx says:

    these guys are ripping islam apart like a mad dog does a rag doll, and
    they’re not breaking sweat while doing it, they’re simply natural.
    looks like they’re enjoying it too, well done 🙂
    not so funny if you’re a muhammedan though, that makes it even funnier :))

  7. Rashad abdulhaqq says:

    David,…you make these videos because you really wanna be a muslim dont
    you lol its okay bro we are friendly 

  8. Anjaana Pehchaana says:

    Muslims never fling filth on the Bible or Jesus as you sick minds do on
    other religions.

  9. Barry Cooper says:

    My own number 1 reason why Muhammad is not a prophet is…..Drum
    roll……Urine and feces. Muhammad had a particular prayer, asking Allah
    for protection from evil, that he would say before urinating or defecating.
    Muhammad said that a dead person in a grave was being tortured because he
    had never taken the necessary steps to avoid being soiled and defiled by
    urine. MUSLIMS still are wiping their bums with their bare hands to this
    day. Dirty people. He also never minded going to mosque covered in his own
    sperm. To be fair though Aisha sometimes would scrape the sperm off his
    clothes with her fingernail…. I wonder was this something she did 4 Mo
    when she was a 9yr old because after all he married her when she was 6

  10. George Zee says:

    “Amongst the friends of Allah (Awliya), the Qur’an is considered as a love
    letter from Allah, which inevitably is read continuously to remind them of
    their Beloved.”
    ― Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, Imam Bukhari and the Love of the Prophet

    LOL! The Generous Bable. is considered a LOVE LETTER! from their Islamic

    is that why they behead people? the love letter is rude? ; / 

  11. TheD†uned says:

    Matthew 16:13-23 21st Century King James Version

    21 From that time forth began Jesus to show unto His disciples that He must
    go unto Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests
    and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.
    22 Then Peter took Him and began to rebuke Him, saying, “Be it far from
    Thee, Lord; this shall not happen unto Thee.”
    23 But Jesus turned and said unto Peter, “Get thee behind Me, Satan! Thou
    art an offense unto Me; for thou savorest not the things that be of God,
    but those that be of men.”

    Jesus called Peter Satan for denying his crucifixion
    Satan denies Jesus crucifixion
    Mohummed’s God denies Jesus’ crucifixion
    Mohummed God = Satan
    Muslims = Satan Worshippers

    Clear as rain.

    Islam is a offence to Jesus Christ.

    We as disciples of Jesus should all be offended by Islam. (Obama and Pope?)

  12. Tamer Fakhry says:

    They are speaking the TRUTH. God bless them

  13. Anjaana Pehchaana says:

    Read the Quran and not the false hadiths. You all are bound for hell.

  14. Yani Daoud says:

    Great debate. Gotta say what’s up Sam representing assyrians! 

  15. John Doe says:

    Awesome video!! Good job both of you.

  16. Zart Artucilla says:

    God Bless you Both who Expose the Thruth. Im Salute to your Braveness

  17. Dinnesh reynold says:

    Halleluyah praise the Lord Jesus who is the truth. islam is collapsing

  18. John Hartnett says:

    10 More reasons not to believe the Quran says anything meaningful,
    certainly not the Words of the Living God.

  19. Pro Truth says:
  20. المسيح هو ابن الله says:

    Sam and Dr.Wood have taught me Alot through the couple of years ive
    subscribed to the Page! Jesus Christ is Forever Lord!! my name says –
    Messiah O wa ibn Allah – “The Messiahs is the Son of God”.

    keep us updated and please upload more debates of you guys!!

    God bless!

  21. Zed Turne says:

    Ten MORE Reasons Muhammad Is a False Prophet – David Wood & Sam Shamoun

  22. Furious Love says:

    God Bless you Both! I bet no one would revert from Christianity if they
    knew this information. 

  23. snoopysn100 says:

    This was a very good follow-up and very informative, keep up the good work

  24. Living Waters Jesus says:

    Good video!

  25. DuploRabbit says:

    Muhammad is a prophet !….. Of Satan !

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