Teddy Larkin 2012 College Soccer Recruiting Video

Teddy Larkin 2012 College Recruiting Video. Position: Forward/Midfield Club Team: Arsenal FC Grades: 4.6 GPA School Attending: Emory University Schools wait …
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Kyle Pollard says:

    Kyle Pollard (The Underdog) Soccer/Football Highlights Hope y’all enjoy!

  2. Show Your Soccer says:


  3. soccergirlz98 says:

    I don’t now he did that at 1:57

  4. Sean Dedrick says:

    hey if you made this video on imovie I was wondering how you got that
    circle to appear

  5. CyberCNetwork says:

    Hi, man! nice video. and yeah, I wanted to know if you had any tips for
    video tapping a soccer game in general. I’m class 2015 and I planning on
    playing for a college. if you have any tips please reply to my comment.
    thank you. nice music too

  6. slimchaggy says:

    thanks man!

  7. GKess Films says:

    Kaleb must be someone that you schooled on the field at some point during
    the season!

  8. Jose Sanchez says:

    I scored 7 goals in 10 games 😛

  9. slimchaggy says:

    name of the song????

  10. Luis Revaza says:

    Kaleb learn to respect and be humble, is a tip that will take you to be a
    profesional soccer player, the ball is not everything !!

  11. Teddy Larkin says:

    There are three different songs in the video: 300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge
    Quintero, Faxing Berlin by Deadmou5, and Epic Dubstep Mashup by Louis

  12. polakskater101 says:

    Ambidextrous? I’d say you’re deff. a lefty dude. There was a couple times
    in the video you should’ve hit it with your right but you chose your left.
    Not hating though cause I’m a righty and I might as well just have no left

  13. Guilherme Reis says:

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    – São Paulo. Contact: 55 11 87607907 / guilhermereis9@yahoo.com.br
    /watch?v=caAFc-tI_N4&list=HL1341816117&feature=mh_lolz Best regards!

  14. Ron Wallace says:

    Hi Teddy Enjoyed your video Please take a look at soccerinmotion We assist
    young elite players in finding scholarships and professional clubs

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