25 Replies to “Tech Recruiting at Spiceworks – Daily Blob – March 19, 2014”

  1. ▶ Tech Recruiting at Spiceworks – Daily Blob – March 19, 2014 – YouTube

    Starts at 3pm EST!!!

  2. Interesting interview with Spiceworks recruiter and IT manager on their
    company and hiring process. They do have some good advice. It is over 2
    hours long, so stretch and get some coffee before you start.

  3. Lucas I’d also like to know that ratio. My last employer kept going
    through non-college people for design engineers. They kept going through
    them because they always failed. I was very lucky to get hired because
    they needed a real degreed engineer for a project certification but I also
    was laid off after the project was finished.

    I think unless something from a resume jumps out at the reader in the first
    5-10 seconds, it gets trashed. Unless, it is an employee referral, like
    the lady said. In other words, they hire friends and family. My
    experience has been that companies flat out refused to let me network with
    them because they did not know me and they did not want to know me.
    Companies will work around the deficient worker because the worker is a
    friend or relative. This was commonplace at the places where I worked.
    End of story.

  4. The interview is great but you should improve the sound quality, there is
    so much noise. Keep the good work.

  5. Good information, thanks for giving us a peek behind the curtain. It’s
    pretty much exactly like I thought it would be 😉 Also I think that
    recruiter is wasting her talents, the way she masterfully dodged your
    questions and judo’d BS filler into the response without missing a beat.
    MUAH! Perfection!

  6. would be great if you purchased some decent mic’s and reduced the amount of
    room noise you constantly get.

  7. Thanks for this interview Eli! The insights are very helpful.

    On a side note: Jen is one foxy lady ;)

  8. This isn’t a question, but along with these long daily blobs, it would be
    nice to have shorter 15-20 minute videos for those people that don’t have
    the time to learn up on these things. Another thing to add could be a sort
    of table of contents that gives each topic a video time in the ‘about’
    section. Great stuff though.

  9. Java Still Gives me a Headache too !!! My Hats Off to those who Have
    Mastery in that Field !!! FOR REAL !!!!!

  10. QUESTION CONTINUED: I have a passion for IT and Services but Why can’t I
    get my foot through the door so that they can see what I am capable of? Any

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