Taye Corby’s Elevation Group Case Study – The Elevation Group & Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard and The Elevation Group – theelevationgroup.com In this official video is from The Elevation Group Taye Corby talks about his experience with mike dillard and The Elevation Group. Over the last twelve months, mike dillard has gotten on the plane and flew all over the country looking for self-made millionaires, under-the-radar businessmen and quiet entrepreneurs who have net worths of at least million to billion. He had one simple question for them: “How do you protect and even grow your money during this economic crisis?” HINT: It’s not on Wall Street. They do what Mike calls “black box” strategies. See their answers here: theelevationgroup.com Mike has collected over 15 safe, reliable and proven wealth strategies that safely return anywhere from 10.5% to 27% annually. He calls them “black box strategies” because it seems like only the ultra-rich know about them… even though nearly ANYONE can use them. (They just don’t know about them). One of these “black box” strategies has tripled his money since 2008. Discover what it is here: theelevationgroup.com Another puts his money in a tax-sheltered, hidden-from-creditors vehicle that pays 8-10% annually with a guaranteed principle (meaning, it NEVER goes below what you put in). Yet another shows you how you can safely, reliably make 27% annually for the next 20 years. And finally, even if you don’t think you have “extra money” to invest… You need to watch this video Mike just put together… Why
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  1. NETSKY047 says:

    this really helps to take action

  2. Hudson Barnes says:

    i finally have motivation!

  3. jayjoetube14 says:

    very nice video on where to invest money

  4. Claudiu Marginean says:

    Ironically, the Occupy movement is not only benefiting from digital tools, but also adding to and transforming the landscape of new media available to today’s advocates…

  5. MsKashhmoney says:

    I felt the same way when I watched these videos, I want to take action finally!

  6. blissmwood says:

    Taking action…that seems to be the most difficult thing for most American’s to do, but I think it is paramount at this time in our history. If not now, when?!

  7. TheSpyjoe says:

    Great Taye i believe that to taking action. but most of us are in this comfort zone we all have and are afraid to take action.

  8. Pete Drake says:

    So be more analytical and take action.

  9. kingdavidb says:

    Seems like I need to join this community!

  10. Claudiu Marginean says:

    Just seen the 3-rd video! You have all my support!

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