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Actions speak louder than words. Stop talking about it and just do it! Everyone has been tagged in a photo they didn’t like, got invited to something that had nothing to do with them and been wished a happy birthday from a person who could care less. We’ve all been there. Status Kill is the satirical series that tackles all the things we love and loath in social media. Please LIKE us on Facebook: www.facebook.com My Damn Channel presents: Status Kill Written and Directed by: Jesse “Jeskid” Cowell – www.twitter.com Executive Producers: Jesse Cowell, Rob Barnett, Warren Chao Visual FX supervisor: Chris Dimino Prop master and additional visual FX: Erica Langworthy Associate Producers: Chris Dimino, Justin Moriarty Starring: Ayinde Howell as Denton Sparks – twitter.com Omar Portilla and Chen Tang as Soldiers Don Hooper as Sniper Ryan Lee and Joseph Rowe as ATV Soldiers Devon Modugno and Justin Moriarty as Badass Twins Danielle Tolles as Agent Talon (voice) Julia Hoff as TweetFaceSter voice Additional Voices: Erica Langworthy, Jesse Cowell, Marissa Parness, Guy Rader, Justin Moriarty, Danielle Tolles Second Unit Camera: John Sedlack Assistant Camera: Omar Portilla Art Direction: Chris Dimino Costume Design: Erica Langworthy Audio Recording: Joe Mashiah, Alex Sauer Production Assistants: Chris Donahue Special Thanks: Sandy Moriarty, Tony Lasaponara, TAM Enterprises, and all the people who let us use their photos!

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  1. JMashProductions says:

    Haha, I’m guilty of this too. Talk is cheap, but Sparky is the man!

  2. TaiChiKnees says:

    You’re an accountant!!! LOL!

  3. meepmotel says:

    Hilarious! Love it!

  4. Steven Christopher says:

    This what happens when you drive around Walter and Jesse’s meth lab.

  5. u7ht67 says:

    It’s a TRAP!

  6. PandorasFire0326 says:


  7. tinkertrainify says:

    lol! so true!

  8. MrLeefighter says:

    lol love it so funny

  9. nalani523 says:

    I’m thinking about leaving a witty comment.

  10. simmons218 says:


  11. McD9134 says:


  12. Devon Modugno says:

    Oh shit I’m out of ammo! I hope Denton didn’t notice… >_>

  13. Galoucura8888 says:

    you look like gilberto gil

  14. elroymarshall50 says:

    Just do it POWERFUL!!!

  15. bigpop042 says:

    lol lol so funny

  16. PrometheanLightMedia says:

    Good stuff! as always

  17. jsedlack says:

    Love the camera work in this episode

  18. GrandmaBrandHotDogs says:

    You’re an accountant man, you ain’t gonna do shit.

  19. ItsMeDownHere says:


  20. Jeskid says:

    LOL DO IT!

  21. 601271 says:

    DO IT!

  22. YoungNaz19 says:

    Im going to play some ps3 this had better be the top comment when i get back -__-

  23. JaYrRaMPaGe says:

    dont do it.

  24. 151pimpin says:

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