Tale of Us & Ryan Crosson – Big Sins – LAD007

Label: Life and Death Catalogue #: LAD007 Release date: Oct 15th 2012 Notes: Part of the Various Artists “Some things (FALL)” Beatport Link: www.beatport.com Life and Death Facebook: www.facebook.com Artist: Tale of Us & Ryan Crosson Title: Big Sins Written and produced by Tale of Us & Ryan Crosson Illustrations: Kero // www.kerousel.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Gironi Marco says:

    Amazing Good Wow ! ! !

  2. madcarnt says:

    Great release overall, but I think this is the weakest link

  3. Lorcan Garvey says:

    such a nice tune to discover around Halloween…BOO! 

  4. lloule083 says:

    like O.Huntemann !!!!

  5. Youssef Shenawy says:

    So Good! Excellent…

  6. RicKyC4StE says:

    Reminds me of another song but i cant tell which one!!!
    However LAD is definitely one of the best labels out there!

  7. anzgennaro says:

    wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony.

  8. anzgennaro says:

    all her video covers are like this :/

  9. 11Skylight says:

    sooooooooo good <3

  10. Maciej Podgórski says:

    until 3:50 it’s just nice track, but last minute shoots you in the skies

  11. alekswoodpecker says:


  12. Leonardo Machado says:

    Unreleased version isss better…

  13. donnamariexxx says:

    love it

  14. Marco Spaggiari says:

    whole another level, really impressive LAD007 ep

  15. wpvj says:

    Dio che bello… : )))

  16. MrBenatos says:

    fuck yesss this is amazing !

  17. shexif says:


  18. davidmarc3000 says:

    Big Time!

  19. wpvj says:

    already favourite…. : )

  20. Franklin Gustavo says:


  21. alxforbidden says:

    That girl who makes the art cover is so inspiring.

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