Tale Of Us – Obscure Promises (Original Mix)

RELEASE DATE 2013-02-24 LABEL Renaissance Recordings CATALOG # RENEW03E Buy Here www.beatport.com www.facebook.com All good music should tell a story. Tales of experience. Tales of joy. Tales of love lost and won. A Tale of Us. Tale of Us are Berlin-based DJ and production partnership Karm and Matteo who are currently re-writing the rulebook for deeply moving, emotional electronic music. Together they share a sonic vision that pulls together elements of house and techno with influences from pop, nu-disco and even rock music. While all of their productions are instantly recognisable as Tale Of Us, these range from straight-up dance floor jams to low-slung ambient tracks and more abstract compositions. Already regular fixtures at clubs like Watergate and Weekend in Berlin, Tenax in Florence, Barraca In Valencia and DC10 in Ibiza they have grown up throwing secret loft parties called ‘Just This’, in their hometown of Milan. While both originally hail from North America, Karm was born in Toronto and Matteo in New York, they moved to Italy as children, which is where they met and formed the close working bond that they now share. At present they are based in Berlin, an inspirational frontier, which has given them numerous opportunities to build relationships with fellow musicians who share their unique musical outlook. At the forefront of these like-minded visionaries are Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss, who have been passionate supporters of Tale of
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Pedalsky PNB says:

    love it !!!

  2. Emiliano Vincenti says:

    <3 vi aspetto al cromie!!!! :)))

  3. Dave Chi says:

    Q-bAdH3gCMc ..and it’s uploaded multiple times.. I don’t know how you can’t find it 😀

  4. Shanna Keetelaar says:


  5. Carolina Stigliano says:

    where did you find tale of us version of soft? looking everywhere but i only find “life and death remix” 🙂

  6. TheDandylion74 says:

    Nice beatz sexy lost lonely hot chick inda desert looking as if she need saving

  7. fdeas2000 says:

    whyyyy beatport WHY?~~!!?~!

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience but the item you tried to view is restricted in your territory. Here are some items that are similar to the one you were looking for.”

  8. progressima says:


  9. selstei says:

    Just love this track.

  10. Marysilk1 says:

    Obscureness! ! ! (y) 😉

  11. crsynth1985 says:

    Tale of Us have been my favourite dj group for the past few years, so happy they’re bringing out more tracks. Another great one, even if it is a remix is “Pillow Talk – Soft (Tale of Us Remix)

  12. 1Powerzone2 says:


  13. AreTh3Bar says:


  14. Gironi Marco says:

    absolutely Viscious!!!

  15. DepartmentMinimal says:

    so great!1 very very nice

  16. Alfredo Nájera says:

    As the title says

  17. Edvinas K says:

    Insane :))

  18. kostpapas says:

    time for a joint… ; )

  19. ohohantitruth says:

    keep up the good work! you’ve had a lot of good posts lately!!

  20. rosi330 says:

    amazing !!!!!!! 

  21. Renaissance Playroom says:

    very nice track !!!

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