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Magnetic Rail Gun – Repulsion vs Attraction

This video shows the different distances the MRG can fire with Repulsion Mode First and Attraction Mode First. JVZoo Product Feed


Attraction vs Repulsion in Magnetic Fields 2

I decided to redo this experiment and address some issues: 1- The nuts and bolts were removed to remove their effect. 2- The plexiglass is perfectly cut by laser, so there is no noticeable error in the sizes of both arms, they are equal in size. 3- It will be allowed so that the attracting …

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Basic magnetic array track. A review of attraction vs repulsion

The red tape indicates south pole on the drive magnet. Array magnets are north facing up. Note the arrays length can be increased to however the distance you would like the cart to travel. keywords- Yu Oscillating Generator YOG pendulum clean energy free power gravity motor axial flux overunity magnet linear track accelerator extract harness …

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