How To Post A Video Response On YouTube for more Traffic – 2011 – New VIDEO Coming soon…. How To Post A Video Response On YouTube for more traffic – video above! —————–ADDED THIS 8th August 2011——————————- Guys, I have tested this out just now (8-August-2011) and it definitely still works! So, I’ve checked it on Mozilla Firefox, IE7, IE8, Google Chrome and Opera – and I promise you it still works… Quick few things to check * Were you logged in? did you ‘click’ in the comment box? If you do exactly what I show in the Video, it works! * Have you tried using different videos as a response? Could it be that you have responded too many times with that one video!? * It could be that Video Responses have BEEN DISABLED for that Video! (which is down to the Youtube Channel owner of that video… sometimes they get too many responses, then disable it!) – I get so many that are not relevant that I have to say no to most! * Failing all this, try a friends account with there gmail address just to see if it is your account or not? * LAST resort – if you haven’t got access to another account or gmail – you;ll have to try contacting YOUTUBE – But may be hard to get a response!! Hope that helps, but I, and lots of others are still posting video responses! Dereck 🙂 ps Now… if you haven’t ‘SUBSCRIBED’ and Friended my channel you should do so!! 🙂 —————————————————————————————– Creating a Video response to a highly trafficked video can give

How to Schedule a Facebook Post

How to Schedule a Facebook Post Facebook has just released a new feature that allows brands to schedule Facebook posts to their Fan Page. Another great feature that Facebook is adding to help businesses build their brand.

BP Live Post Production – Sneak Peak – Tutorials by Brand Personalization

From Show: Brand Personalization Live 556 Host: Dustin Salmons Sneak Peak behind the scenes after a BP Live Show Podcast Post Production: what happens after the videos are shot. Transcribe after recording, Place audio, video and article into a file and encode as needed. Workflow explained in video. Video Segments are recorded during the Brand Personalization Live Show – Monday through Friday @ 7PM EST. If you have questions about SEO, Social Media, Local SEO, WordPress, or Online Branding that you would like to have answered On the Air, submit your questions @ All recordings of BP Live and the individual topics are available as a Podcast in Video, Audio, and Article formats. To subscribe to this show, For more details on this episode, transcripts, or to watch/listen/read in another format,