– Startups – News Roundtable Panel with Liz Gannes and Jon Ferrara – TWiST #284

1:00 Welcome everyone to an end-of-the-summer TWiST News Roundup with panelists Liz Gannes of AllThingsD and Jon Ferrara, the CEO of Nimble. 3:00 Thank you to Squarespace for supporting the show! Everyone thank @Squarespace! 5:30 First story: Marissa Mayer has been at the helm of Yahoo for about two months now. How do you rate her progress? 6:15 Liz: I think she needs people to hold off from rating her for as long as possible. 8:30 Jason: I give her an A, I’m a fan and I’m rooting for her. 9:30 Kirin: Does it matter that Yahoo stock has taken a bit of a beating? 9:45 Jon: I think you can learn a lot from talking to team members. I recently spoke to a senior product manager at Yahoo who said they used to be embarrassed to say they worked there, but are now really happy that Marissa is on board. 11:45 Jon also gives Marissa an A. 12:00 Liz: I give her a C, you really have to earn an A. 12:45 Discussion of the possible companies that Yahoo might acquire. 15:15 Jon: I worry about Flipboard and Zite having their data access cut off. 20:00 Jon: What are the top products at Yahoo right now? 21:15 Jason: Why don’t they just make Flickr free? 22:30 What about Path, any chance Dave Morin will sell? 25:45 Liz, do you think Pinterest is really an acquisition possibility for Yahoo? 26:15 Thank you to GoToMeeting for supporting the show! Everyone thank them @GoToMeeting! 29:30 Other companies on Liz and Kara’s list were Bump, Pulse and Foodspotting. 30:15 Next story: The Apple/Samsung

Debate: Market Matters (Part 5/5) Panel discussion with questions from the audience

Market Matters is part of The New Economy of Art series of debates by Artquest, the Contemporary Art Society and DACS. The debate explored the complex and overlapping motivations behind various kinds of ‘art market’ from commercial galleries, private dealers and auction houses to art fairs, online selling and gift economies. Speakers Louise Buck, Kate MacGarry and Matt Roberts set the scene before an open dialogue with the audience to look at how artistic practice intersects with and creates its own economies. Listen to each of the speakers: Paul Hobson – Part 1/5 Louisa Buck – Part 2/5 Kate MacGarry – Part 3/5 Matt Roberts – Part 4/5 Panel discussion and questions from the audience – Part 5/5 Slideshow photography by Brian Benson – www.bbphoto.co.uk Join in the conversation on Twitter #artistsworth Find out more at www.artquest.org.uk/neweconomy The New Economy of Art is a series of open discussions throughout 2011-12 that will focus on the economic developments and opportunities in the cultural sector that impact on artists, from the perspective of artists. The debate took place on 14 March at Conway Hall, London. Next talk – 13 June 2012.
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