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Laura all set for Hero Women’s Open

Laura all set for Hero Women’s Open

Article by Fiona18

Laura Davies has arrived at DLF Golf and Country Club in New Delhi problem-free this year ahead of her Srixon XXIO Prime SP500 Iron Set title defence at the Hero Women’s Indian Open. Last year, the four-time major champion arrived without her clubs and was only reunited with them on the morning of the first round, before she went out and to shoot 65 and lead the tournament. But It’s just as well that her new set of Srixon XXIO Prime SP500 Iron Set and putter arrived on schedule this year, as her first round tee-time on Friday is 7.40am. In a big-hitting group, she has been drawn with fellow Solheim Cup player Sophie Gustafson and the recent Lacoste Ladies Open de France champion Felicity Johnson for the first two rounds. Although Davies may suffer a little jet-lag on account of her late arrival, she thought it would be worse for her caddie Johnny Scott, who missed his original flight and will now land in New Delhi just a few hours before the tee-time. Gazing down the stunning par-five 18th hole at the DLF G and CC on Thursday, which she eagled to make a play-off last year before winning the Srixon XXIO Prime SP500 Iron Set with a birdie, Davies seemed relaxed and confident. She said: “I’m looking forward to it. Obviously something went right last year. It was a very strange week last year. “I hit a horrible tee shot down the first (onto the 18th fairway) but made an amazing seven-iron over the trees to about 10 feet and holed the putt for eagle, so it’s only good memories for me.” This week will be a fresh start after a five week break and Davies will be looking to end the season on a high note at the penultimate event of the 2011 Ladies European Tour season. Like last year, she will not play a practice round, as she didn’t feel the need: “I’ll be straight out tomorrow: ready to go.” She added on her overall season: “I just won a small event in Australia in February, so for me it’s very disappointing. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. I’ve actually played Srixon XXIO Prime SP500 Iron Set better this year than last year, but I haven’t holed as many putts and that unfortunately at the top level putting is the big difference.” She is hoping that her new Srixon XXIO Prime SP500 Iron Set, a ‘Never Compromise’ model, will help to change her fortunes but acknowledged that she was playong against a stronger field this year. “There are a lot of good players. The field strength has gone up. That’s what usually happens. They hear how good the tournament was and they say, ‘I’m going to go there next year.’ “Now we’ve got Caroline Hedwall and Sophie Gustafson and quite a few of the European players who didn’t come last year but heard good reports from the other players and have decided to come here and then play Dubai, so it’s a nice little two week trip.” (Srixon XXIO Prime SP500 Iron Set)The first round of the tournament gets under way at 7am on Friday and after two rounds, the field of 108 will be reduced to the leading 60 professionals and those tied for 60th place.

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Quick buck open no card era

Quick buck open no card era

Article by Kate

Erin data showed that in 2010, China mobile payment market the whole scale reached 20.25 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.1%. While in China 800 million cell phone users, has opened mobile Internet users has 303 million, 37.9%. It is estimated that by 2012, mobile payment transactions scale will more than 100 billion yuan.

Quick buck company CEO GuanGuoGuang in “quick +” platform and mobile payment strategy conference: “in 2011, 30% of pay is face to face, 70% are face to face.”

Mobile payment is slowly rise, POS machine carry, in the event of the shopping, will become a reality.

Union pay strong landed

On 24 August, issued an official statement said jingdong mall and pay treasure: because the cooperation have expires, jingdong mall has fully disable pay treasure. Users can’t use in addition to payment services, the use of pay treasure account login function also were was discontinued.

Although jingdong mall, the CEO LiuJiangDong will stop and pay treasure of cooperation are due to pay treasure to rate is too high, but also emphasize currently 80% of the users choose jingdong cod, so and pay treasure to its website will not stop cooperation users into effect. But a closer to the source told the jingdong mall Chinese times “reporter, jingdong recently will partner with the new pay principal and tools, it also means that the” jingdong mall force-out pay treasure, is no card payment and quick union pay pay treasure to online fast fierce competition results. Pay

Users need not open net silver, as long as in the “union pay online payment” web input relevant authentication information, he can be in the name of their debit card or credit card related to a union pay online payment account. This will save the user to bank branch line up the way open net silver program, also can avoid because to forget to take the password CARDS or USBkey can’t pay.

Union pay online payment can now offer: the authentication pay, quick payment, common payment, the payment and stored value card means such as e-currency payment. When users in the use of may, according to the actual conditions of the preference to choose and payment.

If the user to pay or pay the way quick authentication, also can choose to guarantee the consumption. The guarantee of the principal consumption and pay treasure mode, basic similar difference is unionpay guarantee, in addition to advance trade deal launched after the cardholder needs, the deal flow without holders are confirmed in operation, online ensure the cardholder rights and interests, but also for the cardholder tell the tedious operation process.

At present, in the jingdong, SuNingYi purchase, Oriental shopping and a number of web shopping can use union pay online payment, also in carrying out the principal of discount activity, trying to attract more of the user experience of online payment.

In addition, unionpay also launched a “mobile phone” business pay principal. It is “no card” way in the mobile phone terminal applications. In the mobile user through the installation of the client, registered and associated bank card, can complete pay anywhere at any time. According to the reporter understands, this product at present support apple, Android, Windows Mobile, etc of mainstream smartphones operating system. The user can through the business pay cost, credit card payments public, an inter-bank transfer, ticket booking, buy lottery tickets, game online shopping, etc and prepaid phone remote pay.

Profit quickly launch new payment platform

On September 1, quick buck held in Beijing, roll out new release ceremony payment platform–” fast “, and based on the + platform of a new generation of mobile payment strategy.

In the first foreign show quick buck “fast” products, one in brush is the function of the brush to become mobile users mobile phone POS machine, and support DuoZhong mobile phone operating system, can cover remote pay, mobile collection, collection of payment, payment, the SME P2P DuoZhong scenario. Appear at the same time “mobile payment middleware” products, embedded in the merchant to seamless application in, let users need to jump to pay for the client, can complete the payment.

GuanGuoGuang introduction, “quick +” at present mainly in three categories of application. The first kind is a customer, in fact the office has a line, everyone can public. Individual consumers can buy between complete, pay for water and electricity coal. The second type is small and medium-sized enterprise, because the POS machine is too expensive, or in the bank for less than POS machine, in view of the low cost, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises can use. The third type is, often is centered in the group clients mobile sales. For example, some people run to go outside, not probably everyone chuai a POS machine, a move is too expensive, the second carry isn’t very convenient. ”

According to reporter understanding, “quick brush” products now are not yet on the market, mobile payment in the hotel industry middleware has part customers put into use. Quick buck aspects revealed that many of the two businesses pay interest of quick products, concrete cooperation details are in negotiation. Believe will soon large-scale spread out.

Pay treasure to subordinate offline market

By December 2010, pay treasure daily turnover of more than 2.5 billion yuan, day trading pen to 8.5 million, including several pen pay treasure every day to 500000 volume of wireless pen, cell phone pay treasure client installed more than 10 million. With the continuous development of trading volume, pay treasure to start offline, and develop the market subordinate their own innovation pay business.

Pay treasure to the outside world in July this year by cell phone barcode products, the scheme aims to pay a 1 million to millions of small businesses without additional equipment to provide low cost collecting services, only a minimum smart phones. This is the first bar code, pay treasure to pay for the product is also the first time through the online payment the technology into the line, to achieve “the market shopping, mobile payment”.

According to introducing, use pay treasure to bar code, users pay only install a mobile phone pay treasure to the client, then use a bar code bar code, merchants function generates use barcode or gun camera phone with scanning, can complete the list. The operation process is quite simple, the businessman need not special collection equipment, users need not carry cash or bank card, only in their own mobile phone confirmation on complete payment, transaction is finished.

For small businesses, for the installation of a fixed payment equipment, higher rates make them hard to bear. In fact, the cost of credit card has become the rent, artificial cost businesses, electricity the big pain after 4, many businessmen pay poundage already accounts for 5% of the profits to business-10%.

“Small businesses gains for the thin, can’t afford POS machine, cash utilization rate is high also from this and come. Should pay is basic services, we don’t dispute the merchants with the convenience to consumers,”. Pay treasure wireless division ZhuYinJia general manager said. Pay treasure in the rate of change: “each merchants have 20000 yuan a month of free quota, exceed a share according to five over one thousand computation, the rate for the traditional POS receive only half of the single scheme to 1/6.”

More than small ones, ordinary users can also use pay treasure to bar code to pay. The current iPhone, Android and most nokia mobile phones have the system both saiban can upgrade to the barcode pay. User login the latest mobile phone pay treasure to the client, choose “barcode payment” will show a dynamic bar code, users use balance or fast can be done quickly pay payment.

As in the process of the merchants with consumers pay only scan the barcode between contact, don’t need to present any bank card, so to avoid completely bank card stolen brush even reproduce, and dangerous, and at the same time when mobile payment by pay treasure to safety, reliability and security of the payment services more strong.

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The Better of Function Open Source Software program for Social Networking

The Better of Function Open Source Software program for Social Networking

Article by Suhaimi Nor

The use of common networking sites have been trending and continues to gain popularity not only among individuals who’re merely looking to ascertain seperately network of friends and dating partners, but in addition to businessmen who are looking for ways to higher communicate and reach existing and prospective buyers. But as another to using popular social networking sites, just like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, industry managers have become given the chance to establish seperately site through the help of applications uses. Among the trendy and widely-second-hand ones are the open source social networking software package functions.

The idea by itself tells it every one. Open source social set of connections software enables fans to build by themselves site and modify the codes along with their first choice as still maintaining the outcomes freely available and open to the population for extra modifications, modification, development, and protection.Open source application for social networking is free. It may be downloaded hooked on your computer and create inside a matter of being or months. That will help you get started, listed below are a few of examples which you will be able to struggle out.

The several application available these days every one differ regarding the features and functionality they offer. They even have singular amounts of flexibility and may have restrictions regarding access and pleased. The methods and performance which have been widespread in the midst of the several open source community application purposes take in multimedia sharing, blogging, on the web forum and argument boards, instantaneous messaging, classification, and social grouping. Some purposes may offer more, for example profile comments, video chat, RSS feeds, 3D chats, and geo social networking.

Such software program functions, however, are usually not without cost. It is important to note that open source doesn’t mean that they can be used free of charge. Even if various vendors that can offer program entirely without cost, there are those who will require customers to pay for additional features and services like plug-ins, ad removals, and other functions.

Such an application is particularly positive to big business managers who need to reinforce their production operations and get better contact by means of their shoppers and production associates. Many of them, however, are challenged with choosing the right one from many hundreds common networking functions accessible in the marketplace.

Pligg is an open source content management system. Its features contain individual profiles, various authors, piece score, personal messaging, advanced comment system, RSS feeds and even the ability to import it as new articles, module system, smarty templates, spell verify, hold for manifold languages, live Ajax newsfeed including a URL blocklist. For you to use this, you’ll need PHP and MySQL.

Subsequently is NewsCloud and in the name itself, it can be done to previously say to what it does and that is gives you the gossip. It doesn’t until the tip of time must be regarding present events happening all over the world but other matters which revolve around your life which you select to write down about. you possibly can even join discussions with other readers.

What distinguishes Drupal from the other content management systems around is that members get to vote for the content posted there. It supports all kinds of internet sites ranging from company brochures, society driven websites and private blogs.

It is also important to look into the support options from the computer software. Good software program purposes are people who will always provide assistance occasionally when the software won’t properly install and performance just how they’re made-up to. Guidance can either be all how through a web-based forum or from side to side customer service representatives who might be contacted through chat or phone.

With the help of open source social networking computer software, finding an area in a quick-growing and highly-competitive online environment has come easier. Businesses, particularly, can now build their own initiative arrangement of buyers, which makes it easier on their behalf to contact and communicate with them. A lot of in this day’s website builder program purposes are also designed to provide customers amazingly fun tools and options for better and much more exciting web experience.

Most with the open source application programs for common networking so far are free. One which charges is PHPizabi but despite we now have still people willing to implement it. a few of its features include with the ability to access it through your desktop, communicating with friends within the chat room and maintaining a contact system.

Mugshot makes it possible for people to position pictures, music and videos. The makers are proud to mention that at once as majority with the open source group networking programs are open source for under the client, theirs is also for your server. you possibly can get updates from other sites and upload it here by choosing the internet version or the downloaded version.

When selecting an claim to implement for selling, there are certain concerns to hold in mind. Crucial one is always to ensure the applications can meet the wants belonging to the commerce. at the same time as it’s easy to receive attracted to a software program application who has essentially the most variety of features and thrilling innovative tools, this could never be one of the best option. The requirements from the big business must always be a top priority.

As it is easy to see, there many open source application for social networking. You could think why create one when you’ll have the ability to use one of this more accepted ones like MySpace, YouTube or Linkendin and the best response to offer is that it can be yours. Surely you’ve seen some flaws in lots of social networking sites and wish they could improve. as opposed to wishing and praying, you can actually be a man by yourself and perhaps be converted into better than them inside future.

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JomSocial: Open Source Social Networking Software

JomSocial: Open Source Social Networking Software

Article by Dckaptech31

JomSocial is the top open source social networking software for online business collaboration. Jomsocial experts can now elevate your site to a new level of creativity and functionality, with flexible templates from JomSocial social networking software. Today, expert jomsocial developers are good in what they do, so you can expect the best quality from them.

JomSocial networking sites are a fun way of online relationships and networking within the community.

JomSocial developer makes it easier for you to install joomla social networking on your site. JomSocial developers design your web application on the joomla social engine that is built from ground up and comes with many features out of the box. JomSocial programmers can easily enable social networking to collaborate with your community with features such as activity streams, flexible templates and designs, photo gallery, video support, organic groups, event management, social graph management, customized profiles, private messaging, integration with external social networks and many more. JomSocial is the top open source social networking software for online business collaboration.

JomSocial applications are More fun than Facebook

Creating a fan page on Facebook alone is not enough for your business community, with the same color set, design and functions always. Jomsocial experts can now elevate your site to a new level of creativity and functionality, with flexible templates from JomSocial social networking software.

JomSocial is supported by a huge community of expert jomsocial developers, jomsocial programmers and jomsocial experts. They are good in what they do so you can expect top quality templates from them.

Any Joomla template can work with JomSocial. Moreover, JomSocial Professional comes with 4 professionally designed templates that will suit most of available Joomla templates. The jomsocial template system is highly configurable: changing the JomSocial look to your own liking can be done easily by expert joomla developers.

Experienced jomsocial developers with PHP knowledge easily work with JomSocial templates to customize them for any business.We all love Facebook and Twitter

Jomsocial online business collaboration is the surefire way to grow your business.

Skilled jomsocial developers can easily leverage user bases and experiences from external social networking sites and tools for your community. Third party social networks like Facebook have exposed their APIs, so that a jomsocial developer can integrate them into your community site.

To make the registration process hassle-free, the developers of jomsocial included new Facebook-Connect login-module in the open source social networking software, so your members can log-in to your JomSocial-powered community using their Facebook account credentials. Adding this to your community site can improve signup rates immediately.

Profile pictures, status updates and more are pulled in safely and securely from Facebook, making it easy for new and existing users to sign up and stay logged into your community.

Blogs are a good way to keep new visitors coming back to your site for more. Your members in JomSocial can have their own blogs, post entries directly from their profile pages and share them with friends via JomSocial integration.

Blog posts by members will show up in the Activity Stream of your community. There is support included for JomSocial Avatar and members can accumulate user points every time they post a blog.

Members can also take Twitter inside JomSocial. They can post status updates in JomSocial to Twitter with the Twitter App for JomSocial. They can also retrieve Twitter timeline on their profile page and show how many followers they have.

Jomsocial experts are working for you: To make your site fast, safe and secure

JomSocial, the Joomla Social Engine, is built on top of the powerful open source platform Joomla that is extremely scalable for small communities such as a startup company, hobby sites and church sites to enterprise-class websites that need a power-packed social engine to drive sales and conversions.

It does not matter how big or small your server is – JomSocial is designed to extract the best performance from it and put it to good use. If your community relies heavily on videos and photos, the Amazon S3 integration will provide the needed extra muscle. Amazon S3 will keep your site performing at its best, at a lower price with reliable service.

Having your site on Joomla is as good as having hundreds of experts constantly watching over the security of your site. Even the most obscure vulnerability will get noticed and covered. JomSocial is developed under the same environment, so it is constantly kept up to date on the best practices in secure web applications development.

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