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Looking To Master Your Network Marketing Recruiting Skills?

Looking To Master Your network marketing Recruiting Skills?

Article by Lacko Nathanson

Are you looking to master network marketing recruiting skills and explode your income? There is a solution available that can help you succeed in your business and can help your team become successful. In this article, I will discuss some of the problems in recruiting and a solution that will help you succeed.

Network Marketing Recruiting – The Problems

If you have worked your MLM business for any period of time, you definitely know the issues that occur while you are trying to build your business including:

– Fumbling your words & not knowing exactly what to say to prospects when introducing the business

– Not finding enough prospects to talk to on a daily basis and getting your business presentation in front of them

– No money to purchase leads

– Recruiting people into your business that are a time & energy drain; complaining and not taking ownership of their business

– Many, many others

Well, there is a way to help alleviate some of the major issues of network marketing recruiting. Have you ever thought about instead of recruiting down the socio-economic chain you actually recruited UP the socio-economic chain? If you can target these individuals who already have the skills to succeed in this business – many of your recruiting problems go away.

Network Marketing Recruiting – Your Target Market Consider recruiting the following types of people in your business:

– Realtors – Insurance agents – Professional sales people – Mortgage brokers

These people will help your network marketing recruiting because in many ways they get paid just like folks in the home business arena. They only get paid for production so they understand that they need to work the business hard to get paid. Additionally, these types of individuals like realtors have a strong influential network of other professionals that are possible targets to grow their mlm business.

Network Marketing Recruiting – What Do You Say?

When speaking with professionals, some network marketers fumble their words and are unsure what to say. When you say these specific words to a professional – the track record is that at least 50% of them will take a look at your business. That does not mean that 50% become part of your business but they have an open mind to taking a look. The sample of what to say specifically to a realtor would be…

“I am an entrepreneur and I am looking for top notch sales people to help grow my business in your area and wondering if you keep your options open in terms of making an additional income stream outside of what you are currently doing in real estate?”

Try this and see how different your results are.

Network Marketing Recruiting – The Solution

The great thing about this type of recruiting – recruiting professionals – is that there is already a program on the market that will teach you exactly what you need to do in order to be successful. It is called Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals.

You should consider getting this program – you will see your network marketing recruiting skills help your business grow and you will be able to work with some top notch people.

About the Author

To learn more about the Freedom Solution and marketing tools to help with your business plan, go to my article at network marketing Recruiting. Michael O’Brien helps others find their own freedom solution in their lives. To find out more about me, please go The Real Freedom Solution.

Jonathan Budd – Looking For More Information On This Young Millionaire Jonathan and How He Did It?

Jonathan Budd – Looking For More Information On This Young Millionaire Jonathan and How He Did It?

Article by Eddys Velasquez

Jonathan Budd is an online marketing mentor who says that selling online should be kept simple and the process should never be hard. Other online marketers should focus on using the basic approaches to satisfy customer needs and ensure that they go for repeat transactions due to effective service and useful information. The methods of Jonathan Budd can be used well if you own an online company or boost MLM sales in your industry.

Who is Jonathan Budd?

Jonathan Budd is a very successful online marketer who built his fortune using the basic methods of online selling. He claims that every online marketer has the capacity to earn millions of dollars, generate hundreds of thousands of leads and become financially free at a very young age. The system is created to help online sellers create the network they need to create a good reputation, plus repeat transactions that will provide business longevity.Here’s a List of Jonathan Budd’s Available Courses and Programs

Jonathan offers various courses and programs that will equip online marketers with the proper tools and knowledge that will ultimately bring more sales and profit to their business. Included are Online MLM Secrets (), MLM Mastermind System (/month), MySpace MLM Secrets (), The Growth Factor Newsletter (free), The Online MLM Mastermind Course (7), The 7 Figure Networker ( for 7-day trial), The Pay Per Click Mastery 8 Week Intensive (7), The Top Producer Formula and Social Media Celebrity Design Solutions ( to 7).

What to Expect

Overall, Jonathan Budd’s system is designed to help improve the way online marketers think by informing them of the already available tools and platforms on the web that will generate thousands of dollars each day. People will start building up their reputation, network and fortune to 7 figures using basic and tried and proven MLM approaches and strategies. There are programs with free trial versions and return policies.

Others are advanced and intended for people who already tried the previous programs with effective results. The courses help online marketers have an excellent mindset fit for production and the right skill set that will help their business adjust to the current needs of the market. Design solutions will be created for the online marketer to sufficiently provide for the different needs of the target market.

Customer Reviews

Any MLM company or online business can definitely get good results from Jonathan Budd. Thousands of individuals have already provided positive feedback about the methods and say that the process is not a scam. People can expect to boost their MLM knowledge and expertise by using his online marketing techniques.

Original Article (written by me) can be found at Jonathan Budd Review

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…and to learn how to get a gigantic advantage over all the other mlm reps in your company by using 3 simple but effective tools then go to