CRAZY LADY FLIPS TABLE! – Jon and Kate PREGNANT?- Lohan Leggings?! – Miley + Nick- Megan Fox Song!

“The one where Buck rips off his shirt and flips a table” Thanks for rating & Faving! Please subscribe for more! Comment Questions of the Day: 1. What do you think Jon and Kate will announce? 2. Would you watch a Lindsay Lohan/Ryan Seacrest reality show? 3. Who is crazier – the exercising topless lady on She’s Got the Look or the table flipper on Real Housewives of NJ?? (watch my reinactments and decide!) 4. Did you scream or boo when Miley came out LIVE to sing with Nick? Bonus Discussion topics: Watch the video and comment on any of the awesome topics! Are you watching She’s Got the Look. The Hills making girls bulimic, Heidi doing Playboy! Did you love the Very Tasteful song…… how sexy I look in my dress?! Quote of the video “Beauty is spiritual and so are my tits” Thanks to Billy for letting me use his song: Sub him! _______________________ Links: -BONUS VIDEO IS UP! http ______ In this episode, Buck ponders the fate of Jon and Kate, imagines what Lindsay Lohan’s new Seacrest helmed reality show will be like, talks Miley and Nick’s LIVE reunion, US Weekly’s affection for all skanks uninteresting AND he reinacts She’s Got the Look and Real Housewives of NJ! It’s a major video! LOL

David Letterman Gets Sexy at Work! – I hate Jon AND Kate – Lindsay Lohan tit*ywear

Plus – I HATE Jon AND KATE Gosselin & NippleWear! Make a video reply! Share storie! Be Graphic! Hot! Please rate/comment/fave/share! Comment Question of the Day: 1. What are you thoughts on relationships with co-workers (and superiors) at work! 2. Any stories you want to shere ( make videos! fun!) 3. How do you think Letterman is handling it? 4. Write mean things about Jon and Kate and maybe they will go away! LOL See Lindsays Titty Wear Collection: In this video, Buck talks about the Letterman scandal, Jon and Kate are both a-holes- dont forget!! Stay tuned I read your comments and do an update!
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