Making Your Park Better- How To Install Bleachers

Making Your Park Better- How To Install Bleachers

Article by Laura Dudley

At parks across the country, it is up to the community to speak up and be certain that officials are doing their part to ensure safe and reliable accommodations for its visitors, and that goes a lot further than only the jungle gyms and jogging paths, but some people neglect the importance of the other things that a lot of us take for granted. Due to the high cost of such a task, there’s many other things that also require attention as well, but get overlooked more than the rest; one item specifically are the bleachers, which are used more than a lot of the other pieces of equipment, but are still not regularly repaired or serviced in most parks.

Especially in the face of the recession, and the country’s surmountable debt, we’re seeing that issues like these are being passed over more and more frequently, but in a few communities, the individuals are taking it upon themselves to solve the issue, and are starting to be increasingly active in the preservation of their parks and recreational areas. It may not be as difficult as you may imagine if you find yourself a part of a community that is in turmoil, and there are methods to put your resources together and really make a difference, and if you were to try and secure new bleachers for your park.

Depending on the amount of spectators you’re looking to hold, in just a couple easy steps, you may install the bleachers you require, and whether or not you wish to make them portable or permanent, and that you’ve measured out enough room, as the basic partition of aluminum bleachers are 15 feet wide, if not bigger. Completely prepare the area before installation, scraping sod or dirt away from the site to a depth of six inches, reaching 4 ft. to the front and two to three feet from the sides of the specified area prior to leveling it out and make sure that you have all of the appropriate zoning permits prior to beginning.

After the area is prepared, cover it with a 2 in. base of sand, topped with an additional two inches of low cost river rock for drainage purposes, and then choose whether you want to cap it off with an additional 2 in. of cement or pea gravel, but either choice will work perfectly fine. Before it has the opportunity to dry, you will now have to place PVC piping, matching up with the legs of the bleachers, making it easy to then set and secure the bleachers in place when you are completed.

After that’s all done, you’re good to go, and ready to enjoy what your work represents, making your park a more secure place for all of those that depend on it for all of their recreational activities.

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