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Bissell 10N6E Pet Hair Eraser: Vacuum With Superior Magnetic Attraction

Bissell 10N6E Pet Hair Eraser: Vacuum With Superior Magnetic Attraction

Article by A J Pipkin

Bissell vacuum cleaners are a very popular brand because their vacuums are quality built with the consumer in mind. Their products are fully featured appliances that are powerful, and built to last. If you are looking for a powerful upright vacuum that can efficiently clean stubborn pet hair from your carpets, the look no further than the Bissell 10N6E Pet Hair Eraser.

If you have pets at home, then this bag less vacuum, which contains many features that are fully designed to pick up hair on your carpets, could be for you. Upholstery can also be fully cleaned with this vacuum using 1350 Watts of very high suction power.

This is a very powerful multi-cyclonic bag less vacuum with many useful high-tech features to vacuum your home efficiently and quickly. It’s also very beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers to use the Bissell 10N6E on a regular basis at home. Bissell’s 3 stage H.E.P.A. filtration technique is extremely good at trapping over 99.97% of all dust particles, pollen, dust mites, allergens and other unhealthy pollutants in it’s triple stage filter. There is also an extra wide pet turbo brush included, which is more than qualified to get pet hair off any surface you can think of in your home.

Pleasingly, the Bissell 10N6E Pet vacuum is ideal for all types of floor surfaces. This vacuum gives you very high cleaning results on all carpet pile sizes, short cut or deep pile luxury carpeting. Hardwood and tiled floors are also proficiently cleaned. This shiny black Bissell Pet 10N6E comes with 3 powerful, quality made pet hair removal cleaning tools. An extra wide pet turbo brush, 1 Pet contour cleaning tool with an extension wand, 1 Dusting brush/upholstery cleaning tool, and the handy crevice tool to get into those tight, awkward areas.

Provided with this upright vacuum, is 9 metres of electric cable, meaning minimal unplugging or stopping and starting as you vacuum in your home. The 3 metres long stretch hose makes cleaning stairs very easy. The hose and extension cleaning tool can stretch to the top of many staircases without physically having to move the canister vacuum from one level to another.

The durable Bissell Pet Hair Eraser sports a headlight feature to vacuum in the dark areas of your house, and underneath furniture if you can’t sleep at nights due to the price of this vacuum. Only kidding! There is an easy to empty bag less container which means no more costly bags to buy. Bissell’s transparent detachable hose and the bin container make it simple to find any object that may have been accidentally vacuumed up inside.

High cyclonic airflow in a vacuum cleaner multiplies it’s suction ability, and this makes the difference between effective hair cleaning on your carpets, and average suction ability. Maybe, one of the best features with the Bissell 10N6E vacuum is the innovative pet contour tool, which bends and expands to efficiently lift out dirt, dust and hair which may be sticking to your high usage areas of carpeting such as stairs, sofas, or other difficult to clean surfaces in your household.

The extra wide Bissell pet hair turbo brush combines a quick rotating brush bar with special ‘rubber fingers’. This unique feature works with a magnetic attractor device to effectively trap and pick up pet hair that sticks to your furnishings. Pet hair problems in your home are easily cleaned up with the Bissell 10N6E Pet Hair Eraser.

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The Bissell 10N6E Pet Hair Eraser is a high quality vacuum cleaner that may suit you. On Ecovacuumcleaner.com there are several more Bissell vacuums reviewed.

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