Setting up WordPress blog free affiliate website for Dot Com Secrets X

In this video, I show installation and start up of a word press blog using a theme provide by russell brunson of Dot Com Secrets.

This is part of the Dot Com Secrets X course and 30 Day challenge relating to a Self Liquidatiing offer, where you give something away to ethically bribe someone to join your list or website.

Join me in the Challenge and build your online business with us. 

Advertising Co-Ops grow your traffic by factors

Lesson #2 of 8: Co-Ops grow your traffic by factors

If you remember our previous post, we were talking about the right traffic and endorsed traffic.

See the other message here:

Getting your stuff on other peoples networks and having them do much of the work for you.

So today we are going to talk about lesson #2 and how it make help your budget complaints dwindle.

This lesson will also help you grow your traffic by factors as Daegan Smith puts it.

What is it you might ask that allows you to save money and grow your traffic exponentially…


For example, an ad Co-Op.

How these work are pretty simple.

You do have to have software capable of rotating affiliate links with your group so do some research into what would work best for you.

Check out for an idea where you could make this work.  I have no affiliate with these guys whatsoever…

Anyway, back to how a Co-Op works

What you do is get a group of people with like minded interest , for example those that all below to the same forum, membership group or even facebook group who want to run an ad together.

Now you have heard the expression, the sum is greater than all of it’s parts correct?

Sort of like, two people can get more done in one day that you might be able to get done by yourself in two days.  Both might be 16 hours worth of labor completed, but the group will most likely come out on top.

The same holds true for an Ad Co-Op.

When you have multiple people helping each other out their sum total is going to be greater here.

Each member buys into the Co-Op with a small entry fee, say $100 for starters, which is a good basis for someone on a limited budget in regards to what they can spend per month on advertising.

$100 might not get you very far by yourself, though when I have 10 people working together, I now have $1000 to put into an advertising campaign.

This is where the increase in factors occurs.

Let’s say you can only do traffic to one place like Facebook or Google, now you will be able to spread your links to more locations.

Another possibility is that now you can reach higher quality traffic by possiblu submitting an ad to an actual print newsletter like “Target Marketing” or some other Journal.

Keep in mind you will be sharing the traffic, and also that you are now in more places.

And it is going to be targeted assuming it is set up the correct way.

I hope you can see the value presented here and your homework assignment is go back to the groups you were talking with yesterday and ask them a simple question…

Are you interested in forming an ad co-op.

Anyway you can increase traffic to your sites, the better off you will be.

And as a reminder of yesterday’s email, getting the right traffic is like magic!

So head out and get in touch with some people today to start a Co-op!

And on that note, I am going to ask you to get in touch with me as well if you are interested in a co-op!

We would need to settle on one common area or thing we point our ad to and there are some good ideas I have in mind which you can see below.

1) Join me as a partner with Daegan Smith and we can co-op our affiliate ads with him (FREE)

2) Join me at GVO Host Then Profits or Meet Cheap and we can also co-op our ads with these guys (you need to be a paying member with these marketing tools necessary for building a business at $10 a month)

A) Host then profits:

B) Meet Cheap:

Join me in all three spots and I will reward you handsomely with some great bonuses and extra training. Just send me an email when you have joined so I can verify and get you going with the bonuses.

I will also be coming up with a website link/page that details more in regards to credits available and percentages of links forwarded to your affiliate link soon, so be on the look out for that in a future email.

So to wrap things up today, either get in touch with me after you join #1 and/or #2 above or get in touch with someone from a niche you are passionate about and take action!

Get going on the exponential growth factor that is available with a Co-op!

Tomorrow when we get into Lesson #3, we will be talking about Freedom from your JOB!

So get moving today!

Dave Gardner

Fail Forward Fast

We all have a goal to make it to the
top…some of us get there quicker,
while others take a little longer.

Then there are the select few who
make a choice and quit.

Quit because they don’t know how,
or quit because it is too hard,
or quit because they have other
stuff they are doing.

Doesn’t matter how you look at it,
quiting is quiting.  You have physically
or mentally gave up.

Really? Let’s go back to middle school,
where on the gym walls read the following:

“Quiters never win and winners never quit!”

Might sound elementary, but sometimes you
need to put things into perspective and
realize it is the basic things you need
to focus on and the big picture will
take care of itself over time.

No one is going to give you anything to make
you a success today, this week or this month.
Well, I kind of take that back.  You might have
success stories by the end of the month.

It all depends on your desires and whether
or not you still really want it.

Are you just going through the motions or
are you taking action on what people suggest?
You will never make it by sitting around and
watching what other people do.

You actually have to take action on whatever
it was you saw those other people doing and
being successful at.

Take this morning for example.  I told you to
go check out the new Meet Cheap Software and
live demo webinar with Mark Call.

If you made it, congrats, if not, there is
still hope for you.  The real point I want
to make with this is that no less than three
times during this webinar, they actually
mentioned Daegan Smith’s name.

Now this maximum leverage Genius just
had his social proof meeter exploded with
well over 500 people between the webinar room
and the viral webcaster Facebook Page.

Perhaps you have been eating up everything he
has written to you the past few days and
actually acted upon it.  I commend you if you
have. For those that have not.  I am not sure
what you are waiting for.

It is the little actions that build up to big
results in the long run…Which is what you
should be aiming for.  Not only to just make
some money soon, but to also make it a continual
thing that makes your future secure.

So I want you to take action on a four things
here and now to show that you are vested in
your success!  You might need to stay up a little
to do this, but hey, it is the weekend right!

1) Commit to doing something, even one thing
productive each day.  Could be a blog post,
email to your list(if you have one), helping
someone on FB or twitter, or similar

2) Come on over to my FB Fanpage and post
a quick comment on what you did in #1 and make
sure you “like” the page

3) Pick up Daegan’s Maximum Leverage if you
haven’t already.  This is going to bring you
to the letter that talks about it and gives
you a trial of the course… You can go through
it all and educate to your hearts content.  You
might just read or listen to one thing that
could make a complete difference in your business.

4) If you are serious about marketing you will need
some tools.  Go check out the overview
that another one of my mentors, Joel Therien put
together showcasing the complete tool package you
need to be successful.

As I always say, “You get out of it what you
put into it”

Do’t be afraid of failure, instead welcome it.
This means you know what does not work and you are
one step closer to success.  Better yet, let me and
Daegan Smith help you out in achieving success.

Make sure our email addresses are whitelisted or
saved to ensure you get them and read them every
time they show up.

Boom!  Fail Forward Fast!

Be sure to comment below on your Failures/successes!