Margaret Cho – Eat Shit and Die – featuring Grant Lee Phillips

Margaret Cho’s new music video featuring Grant Lee Phillips, directed by Liam Sullivan. “Eat Shit and Die” is on Margaret’s comedy music album, “Cho Dependent.” Get the song: Get it on CD or Vinyl with automatic download of the whole album: A short film by Clownery Productions In association with Liam Show Productions Directed by Liam Sullivan Band Members: Selene Luna, Alex Burke on piano, and Grant Lee Phillips on ‘pootar’ Villain: Ryan Heffington Reporter: Ben Lee Reporter’s Girl: Iona Skye Photographer: Ian Harvie Carnival Barker: Drew Droege Tranny Whore: Joe Keane Drag Queen: Justin Parker Clown: Michael Perrick “Crimebo” Waitress: Augusta “Penny Starr” Ballerina: Jill Lauren Mime: Ilana Cohn Sullivan Featured players: Auriana-Lynn Melson, Kitty Diggins, Andrew Ableson, Juliet Sofea, Mela Lee, Sasha Fuentes, and Kevin Avery Audience: The fans who came out to the show at El Cid and made this possible. Thank you! Directed by Liam Sullivan Produced by Ilana Cohn Sullivan Executive Producer: Margaret Cho Executive Producer: Keri Smith Esguia 1st Assistant Director: Jason Brown Production Coordinator: Jessie Boemper Production Assistant: Sarah Martin Director of Photography: Neal Lett 1st Assistant Camera: Brandon Lawrence B Camera Operator: Kamali Minter B Camera 1st Assistant Camera: Mickey Meyer Gaffer: Todd Nicodemus Key Grip: Todd Nicodemus Grip: Travis Prow Costumes: Charlie Altuna Costumes and Prop Design (Pootar and Poo Suits): Al
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GKIC 2008 Info Summit featuring Ryan Deiss

GKIC Info Summit 2008 in St Louis featuring Ryan Deiss, Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy and many other special guests – Since YouTube only allows 10 minutes of video we were only able to provide you a sample of some of Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer’s marketing tips and strategies… go to: and get other great resources that you can use immediately to enhance your marketing and grow your business… ============================= HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RESOURCE ============================= Successful Small Business Internet Marketing Strategies, Websites, and Lead Generation Campaigns: This is the same company used by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and many other marketers that want and demand RESULTS. ============================= HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RESOURCE =============================
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12 Months Internet Millionaires Review: Featuring Vince James and Russell Brunson

12 Months Internet Millionaires Review: Featuring Vince James and Russell Brunson

Article by Sean Nath

So who is this russell brunson guy anyway? Like many other sales letter story, russell brunson claimed to have dropped out of school, had a horrible childhood and became rich at an early age. However it gets more interesting as you read his letter.

He is the creator of “12 Months Internet Millionaire ” and here is what he said:

Brunson Russell says, “My checking account had over Million in it. I was earning 0,000 in pay each and every week. That breaks down to ,000 a day… or ,000 an hour! And those figures were if I worked 5 days a week for eight hours a day, which I didn’t!

In the year 2002, I made more money than the CEOs of Federal Express… eBay…… Time Warner… Apple Computer… McDonalds… Microsoft… Nike… Yahoo… Ford Motor Company… General Motors… and Goodyear Tire- COMBINED!Yes-COMBINED.”

That’s a VERY BOLD statement to make and yes it did make me to read the entire letter on 12 Months Internet Millionaire.As I read his sales letter I was drooling over the amount Brunon was making and knew he was using those big numbers to impress us

Once Brunson Russell finished making us drool over what he have bring in and accomplished, he goes onto the proposal stage and offer us a solution to our problem (12 Months Internet Millionaire).

Brunson Russell also says, “Here’s What You’ll Get:

1) My entire 6-hour coaching session with Vincent James that allowed me to catapult my offline business into the stratosphere. They are in mp3 format so you can put them on your Ipod and listen to them while driving, exercising or relaxing at home.

2) Transcripts of the entire coaching session in PDF format. You can print out and read, take notes, and do whatever you need to tap into the atomic power of these marketing secrets and explode your income higher.”

Now this guy is clever; he begins to show us the big benefits and features. I can tell he did his homework before launching this program because it looks really professional.

Features and Benefits of 12 Months Internet MillionaireThe sales letter has listed the features and benefits of ‘The 12-Month Internet Millionaire’.

Russell says, “Here are some more “insider” Vince shared that could allow you to annihilate your competition:

– The one and ONLY time to use call centers to answer calls (the top-flight internet marketers are the ones who use the phone to extract cash from customers!)

– 5 ways to set-up your business so you’ll NEVER get into trouble!

– The ONLY place to get a merchant account from when you need to be up and running within 24 hours!

– How he sold 65,000 stereo club memberships in 24 months- without advertising in one single stereo magazine

– The TOP 7 “types” of products he’s made millions selling.

– Gary Halbert vs. Vincent James: The 2 different methods for testing…which one is better?

– The ONLY way to PROPERLY assemble a swipe file (only a handful of copywriters know this secret!)

– Why you should NEVER meet your heroes!

– When you should or SHOULD NOT hire a copywriter.

– How to EFFECTIVELY test your sales copy online- before you spend a dime mailing letters or running magazine ads.

– How his friend makes Million a year online with 3 employees!

– How his other friend makes Million a year on the Internet!

– What he did when he had 200+ people calling him at the same time to buy his product.

– What’s selling SELLS- His secret for finding new products to make millions of dollars from.”

Not only will you get the entire above but also more bonuses to make the offer irresistible. These bonuses aren’t just some crappy eBook either. They are very valuable and worth the 39 bucks if you ask me.

Fast Action Bonuses

‘The 12-Month Internet Millionaire’ comes with fast action bonuses.

Fast Action Bonus #1: According to Russell, the first person who invest in ‘The 12 Month Internet Millionaire’ on October 9th @ 12:00 Noon EDT will receive a 1 day ticket to come and work with him and his team for a whole day on ANY project.

Fast Action Bonus #2: The 2nd through 5th person who will invest will get a 90 minute phone consultation with Russell on the phone.

Fast Action Bonus #3: The first 10 people who order you will get a FREE ticket to Stu McLaren and my Affiliate Incubator Workshop.

Fast Action Bonus #4: The first 100 people who order will have access to Russell’s “members only” affiliate program.

His Price

Brunson Russell is really crazy to sell it at only ! Brunson did state that the price will go back up to very soon. I do not think he is lying either.

Click here: 12 Months Internet Millionaire to see proves if you don’t believe it.

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Click here: 12 Months Internet Millionaire to see proves if you don’t believe it.Brought to you by Warrior Blog – delivering Money Making Ideas.