Daegan Smith’s Pay Per Click Webinar Was Extremely Powerful Last Night – Here’s Why…

Daegan Smith’s Pay Per Click Webinar Was Extremely Powerful Last Night – Here’s Why…

Article by Carl Coffin

Have you ever lost your shirt with Pay Per Click marketing? PPC is one of the best tools you can learn to use in your marketing arsenal, however many times we fail and then give up. I personally have lost hundreds of dollars making dumb mistakes like choosing generic keywords, paying too much for clicks and not doing my research.

The whole purpose of Daegan’s webinar was to teach novices how to master PPC the right way by learning how Daegan sets up his google adwords campaigns.

If you have never heard Daegan teach he is very good. He’s also very patient. The webinar was only supposed to last 1 hour, however he stayed on the line with us for 2 hrs. I feel I got the goods last night. I took pages of notes and have everything in place to start maximizing my PPC campaigns.

In my opinion using free strategies are great (article marketing, forum marketing, social networking, video networking, blogging, etc.). I feel I’m the king of doing them, it’s just that they require a lot of butt time to see significant coversion rates.

Paid strategies are a great way to maximize your conversion rates and put sales on autopilot. Pay Per Click is one paid strategy that if “Mastered” will do this. This is why it’s important not to limit your business and keep trying to learn pay per click marketing.

Daegan talked about the biggest mistake that newbies make in PPC and that’s using generic keywords like “MLM”, “Network Marketing”, “Online Marketing”, and “Financial Freedom.” The next mistake that most people do is overpay for their keywords.

We learned what tools to use when performing keyword research and the differences between “Broad Match”, “Phrase Match,” “Exact Match”, and “Negative Keyords.” A great tool to use is Adwrapper. You can access it at MikesMarketingtools.com

We also learned the importance of split testing your ads, setting up your cost per click, Google analytics and what to do before you advertise your ad in the content network. Like I said before we got into the meat and potatoes of this stuff.

You might be thinking, what did I pay for this 2 hr. live webinar? I spent a measly .00 which is peanuts compared to the power I now have at my fingertips. Sure I could have done trial and error and learned this stuff for free, but I’m a busy guy and I wanted to shorten my learning curve.

Thank’s again Daegan for your help and leadership.

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