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Generating Viral Website Traffic – Downline Builders and Traffic Exchanges

Generating Viral Website Traffic – Downline Builders and Traffic Exchanges

Article by Paul Wheeler

Most people looking to run a legitimate home based business opportunity turn to the Traffic Exchanges to try and enhance free traffic to their homeworker opportunity website, or affiliate web page. In order to be more effective with traffic exchanges you need to maximise the credits you have, and minimise the amount of surfing you need to do to gain those credits. Almost all Traffic Exchanges will give you some form of free advertising credits if you can refer new members to the exchange. On that basis, if you’re going to use a traffic exchange at all, you should use it in conjunction with a downline builder that supports it.

There is a reason for this. For example, lets say that you are using a top rated traffic exchange, such as TS25. For TS25 to be effective for advertising, you need to build a downline in TS25. However you cannot promote TS25 to TS 25 surfers, ALL of the people who would see your page are already members of TS25 – a sure way to fail!

But if you promoted that same page in in another Traffic Exchange, say, TrafficG, for example,, at least some of the people in TrafficG would not already be in TS25 and might join under you. Likewise, you could promote the other way round, TrafficG into TS25 and get more signups. This is the absolute bare minimum that you need to do to build downlines in traffic exchanges.

But there are much more effective ways.

What works much better is to promote a system that helps everyone build downlines in 2 or more traffic exchanges. Such a system is known as a ‘downline builder’. Indeed some Traffic Exchanges and Traffic Systems such as HitSafari and 10khits4unow incorporate downline builders to help build memberships downlines in several programs.

Enter the downline builder.

The downline builder lets you promote all your TEs under one umbrella site. Someone joins you in the downline builder rather than in the TE directly. Then they (hopefully) join one of more of the TEs that are promoted by the downline builder. Now they too have their own downline builder with their own TE links / IDs in that they can promote anywhere they choose.

If you use a downline builder such as VitalViral or FreeClickThruClub to build downlines in multiple traffic exchanges simultaneously, you will get double, then treble, then 10x then 100x the benefit that you would get if you weren’t using it.

A word of warning.

There is one single thing that you MUST do to help you to build your downlines faster and faster. For a least a few weeks you must promote your downline builder at every opportunity, even at the expense of promoting your own Home Business Ideas or opportunities. You will then start to multiply your downline members in each traffic exchange to the point where you have ever increasing traffic credits in all your exchanges. You will reach a point where you no longer need to promote your downline builder (simply because all your downlines have taken over the task). This will leave you in a position to promote your Legitimate Home Business Opportunity or affiliate program with vastly more advertising power than if you had half heartedly promoted you downline builder at the start. Push it to the max initially and reap the rewards much earlier!!Good luck!

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