Dr Jon Alfredsson and Jonathan Budd Genewize Team Discussion

TheWellnessFuture.com http JonAlfredsson.com Jon Alfredsson and his Friend Jonathan Budd discuss Genewize Life Sciences and what Our Team can provide for you and what it takes to be successful in the Internet Marketing industry. We have team training platforms, tools and training calls, webinars to train all our team members on how to market, network and build relationships. We can show you how to be a professional networker, be at the cutting edge of marketing and create the future and freedom that you want! GeneWize Life sciences created history by having 5000 distributors enrolled already in pre-launch. Genwize will make history in this industry and break more records. This is the right place at the right time so Take ACTION my friend! We are creating something unique for all involved in GeneWize! Dr Jon Alfredsson 305-767-2992
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