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  1. Adam Morgan says:

    Getting your hands dirty. You’re the man JB!

  2. NCAAhockeyplayer says:

    You definitely do need a coach. I studied online marketing for years and it wasn’t up until i had someone telling me exactly what to do before I became wealthy. I can be anyones coach and get you making money tomorrow. Sincerely, John David. Proper Income dot com

  3. holysmokes2610 says:

    Doesn’t he sound and look a little like Matthew Mcconaughey?

  4. DarrylMalarryl says:

    Great motivational video, thank you!

  5. Martin Banks says:

    I love it Jonathan! I think you are right about sweat equity. You have to put in the work. The key is to have a coach to make sure you are doing it correctly. As a teacher once told me, practice doesn’t make perfect, “perfect practice” makes “perfect”. It doesn’t mean you won’t fall down, but you have to get back up and do the work correctly.

  6. Jon Lonon says:

    So glad you are one of my multi-millionaire mentors (Futuristic Marketing, etc.)! Gonna share this with every existing and new team member in my business. Plain truth for clearing path to success out of the gate! Thanks! Jon Lonon

  7. WiredForSuccessTV says:

    You are soooo right Jonathan. Great term, ‘sweat equity’. Beryl

  8. pYura says:

    I like your video becouse you speak your mind. Free.

  9. guyfyshow says:

    This is the only thing anyone needs to see in life when it comes to success. Period.

  10. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi JB,

    Work calmly, confidently and intelligently and persistently. Treat an online business like a business.

    Imagine opening a corner store and showing up once a week? For 1 or 2 hours during that one day? The store would go under in 1 week.

    But the work is fun. It’s enjoyable. You create good things for others, prosper and can travel wherever you want as you prosper…or set your own sked.

    Release something of a lower nature to make room for something of a higher nature.



  11. William C says:

    Got me fired up! I love this message Jbudd, you’re an amazing person and deserve everything you have in life!!!

  12. Joy Heart says:

    This truly is a great video. It’s pretty sad to see people whining after just a month of just being online. This is the Truth that everybody should know. There are no shortcuts. Sweat equals SUCCESS. Thanks Jonathan!!! You just invigorated me…

  13. Lee White says:

    “Psychotic animalness of commitment to hard work!” You gotta love that shit man! Rock on brother! 😉

  14. Eric McLaughlin says:

    sweat is an asset….i love it!

  15. Rick Katz says:

    Thanks for this Jonathan! Could not have said this better. So so true!

  16. Jason Card says:

    Incredible, Truth.

  17. NuEliteSociety says:

    Primo, Primo, Primo stuff my friend! This is why I’m such a devout subscriber to your message. Much love brother!

  18. Brian Anderson says:

    Well said Jonathan, well said

  19. Lee McKenna says:

    Great video Jonathan

  20. Devin Bradshaw says:

    Well put, Jonathan!

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