Ryan Deiss

Sure Fire Way To Go Broke –Doing The Guru Shuffle and http Watch out Carmen Miranda… Diane exposes the Guru Shuffle The Lose All Your Money Mambo and other MLM Failure Dance Moves!!! Fred and Ginger got nothing on this baby! Perry Belcher, eben pagan, jeff walker, mike filsaime, ed dale, andy jenkins, rich shefren, social media matrix, get altitude, gurumastermind, butterfly marketing, ryan deiss, russell brunson, frank kern

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Great info Diane. Haven’t been burned myself but a good friend has been and still seems to be vulnerable to this kind of ‘flavour of the week’ promotion.
This video deserves a wide audience.


Hey Diane

That was right on the money. I love your Herbalife story. I started out there also and know exactly what you mean!

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