Superseven – Operation: Heads I Win, Tails You Die! – Ep 28

Superseven is sent to Costa Rica to steal the secret plans, to “Element X”, while a hit team from the League Of Assassins is sent to eliminate Sandra West. Super7even is an international man…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Replies to “Superseven – Operation: Heads I Win, Tails You Die! – Ep 28”

  1. i like the play dead ambush trick, rarely see that in the movies, hilarious
    to see Sandra check the corpse’s high heel to see if they are the same size
    as hers- a funny take on the shoe obsession some women have, lol. 

  2. Fantastic as usual, hilarious, sexy and clever. Loved the strangle happy
    dude and Ilsa’s reaction when she came too… priceless. Sandra just gets
    more and more awesome and sexy with every appearance. Seven’s talk with
    Angela was very funny as well. Who knew Canadian quarters were so
    unpatriotic or that strangle happy henchmen were so patriotic. The
    delightfully named Mea Culpa was another in a line of stunning bad girl
    that leave a nice impression and an did she look good in that dress.

  3. Excellent!, but the brunnette got the shot in the stomach. Only Nisa Wong
    got the shot in the heart, and it was very sexy!. The next girl… a shot
    in heart please!. Thanks!.

  4. Great ! I like the chivalrous side of the hero with the first evil babe
    (the tall blonde) : he is reluctant to hit her, but he would be more
    chivalrous if he would hold her with his other hand when she falls… And
    the second evil babe (the brunette) is absolutly gorgeous when she falls,
    killed by miss West.

  5. Superseven is just so artfully done! I really appreciate these! I’ve been
    following Bob Griffin’s stuff for amost as long as there’s been an
    internet. I recognize many of the old movie references.

  6. Thank you ALL for the comments, “:Likes” (Except for that one person who
    always seems to chime in early with a dislike) and for tuning in to our
    little show. next up, “Op: High Tension”. Keep up the comments, cast and
    crew do read them 😉

  7. Absolutely awesome. This was an amazing episode and am so happy to see
    superseven continuing on. The jokes and acting were spot on. Loved the bit
    about the coin and can’t wait to see what happens next!

  8. Bad ass Griff!! I love some of the brunette actresses from some of your
    episodes. Rachel Dale, Milena Gardasevic and now Jennifer Kairis from
    “Operation Heads I Win, Tails You Die!” They’re very attractive and play
    their parts well. Keep up the good work!

  9. Smashing season opener! Always love your use of stock footage! (It amazes
    me how an action scene, incorporating stock footage, in a basically
    no-budget production, can be far more entertaining that an action scene in
    a $200-mil Michael Bay movie!) Have to disagree with Mia – Sandra’s outfits
    is much better, and she looks so stunning in it, especially when she’s
    kicking spy butt!

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