‘Super 8’ Interview: The Boys

Joel Courtney, Ryan Lee, Gabriel Basso, Zach Mills and Riley Griffiths discuss working with JJ Abrams andthe fun they had making the movie. visit www.hollywood.com for more on ‘Super 8’
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Jacob Jax says:

    Sean Lennon much?

  2. 111Jabberwocky says:

    Except for me, I don’t throw up and I’m not scared of things

  3. kojooo123 says:

    Werido like you dont deserve a boyfriend 😀

  4. cutecupcake1226 says:

    Who is the most like your character?
    Ryan: probably me…
    Everyone else: Were all a lot like our characters
    Ryan:(agreeing to cover up his embarrassment.)
    I love super 8 its like my favorite movie ryan is so cool and funny

  5. TheCavaliaHorse says:

    Ryan is the kid from the music video for Titanium… I was watching the video and someone said: “OMG THAT’S THE KID FROM SUPER 8!” in the comments. I didnt remember him from the first time I watched it do I watched it again… Now it’s my favorite movie! I cant stop watching it… So thanks! XD

  6. TheCavaliaHorse says:

    We weren’t supposed to say any of that, but thank you.

  7. hailey lee says:

    ill bake u some cookies if u tell me

  8. Riley Lochner says:

    I -3 blowing things up and i’m a chick! I also -3 super 8 and ryan lee

  9. sam22ss says:

    Oh I know where I’ve seen Ryan lee in titanium

  10. heman67899 says:

    1:24 it looks like joel is masterbating

  11. john raynor says:

    i went to school with Riley and the only few times i talked to him he was a freaking jerk. maybe hes not now. but he wasnt very nice in middle school.

  12. ILoveTHG1 says:

    you dont have to be a boy to love blowing things up cause i love it and im a girl

  13. wolflover2211 says:

    “fireworks are amazing…”

  14. ForeverVocaloidFan says:

    Joel was so quiet O.O

    And this made me want to become an actor as well XD

  15. Ponypoo wells says:

    @cr3ater12- Same here!!!! Ryan led also inspired me:)

  16. Nutel Nut says:

    You are gay 😀 They are so cute boys 🙂

  17. CR3ATER12 says:

    this movie made me want to be an actor

  18. iLOVEsmellymarkers says:

    If I were a big time movie director, I’d personally pick these guys for my dream cast! They’re perfect! They’re all adorable in their own way 🙂 Zach is the constant you can always count on, Riley is the big brother type, Gabe and Ryan are the pranksters, and Joel is the shy guy 🙂 LOVE THESE GUYS!

  19. awsomegurl98 says:

    Psh! My grandma does not bake cookies. She makes tamales. Awwwwww yeah!

  20. Alexis Rodriguiz says:

    I love you Zach Mills! <3

  21. ducksrule107 says:

    yes they are the boys and are not gay

  22. Rachel Mann says:

    They are so cute!!!

  23. angge96 says:

    why is Joel so quiet? I want to hear him talk more :( but it’s okay, I enjoy Ryan talking haha

  24. kojooo123 says:

    3 words. GAY and not not the boys

  25. 09lealily says:

    joels in charater haha jks love u joel :))<3<3<3<3xxxxx

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